Monday, 21 September 2009

Please forgive me* - Bryan Adams

Selamat Hari Raya

One thing which distinguishes this celebration from other religious festivals is the wishing of "Maaf zahir dan batin".

Picture taken without permission from Sky Is The Limit. Please forgive me.

It basically means "Please forgive me my emotional and physical wrongdoings". Forgiveness is a very important thing is any relationships. And to have a day when people go up to each other asking for forgiveness - and the actual granting of such - is something IMHO very important! Relationships are strengthened and in some cases, healed.

Altho many take this to be a day of celebration, it is not about the making merry. Well, not
just about making merry!

If you have actually experienced true forgiveness from anyone, you can testify how wonderful it feels, and how therapeutic it can be. Try it! :-) Even if you do not normally celebrate Hari Raya and even if u're not Muslim, take time to ask for forgiveness from yr family members and yr frens.

The Bible says that freely received, freely give. For those who have freely received forgiveness, they will find it easy to oso forgive those who have wronged them. so asking for forgiveness doesn't just stop there. It is a catalyst for more forgiveness!

What a wonderful world we live in, where people experience forgiveness and grants the same freely!

Think this would be a good moment to publicly ask for forgiveness from all of you out there - from my family, my frens, my students, my colleagues, my fellow church members etc. And from God too whom i know will forgive graciously!

*One of the songs that brings back memories of the autumn of 1993 when we first landed in London and this was one of the songs which was played daily!

Sunday, 20 September 2009

I need you* - LeAnn Rimes

Psalms 127 v 1

Unless the LORD builds the house,
its builders labor in vain.
Unless the LORD watches over the city,
the watchmen stand guard in vain.

We need the Lord!!!!

*The title song of her 6th album of the same name.

Friday, 18 September 2009

King of wishful thinking* - Go West

So we were introducing ourselves during the very first Christmas 2009 choir practice.

T: My name is 'Handsome'
T's brother: Our parents were hopeful when they named him!!!
Everyone else: LOL!

*One of their bigger hits featured on the soundtrack of Pretty Woman.

Obsessed* - Mariah Carey

I've been amused by the news stories about Andy Lau in the local papers lately - especially in The Star!!!! Almost on a daily basis, stories about Andy Lau would be the no. 1 on the Star Online most read stories of the day!

Why are the papers - and the readers - so obsessed with him???

So he got married! So he married a local Malaysian. So she's pregnant.

Surely there are other more newsworthy stories to print!!!!! Are there not?

*Her new single from her latest album.

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Memory* - Elaine Paige

Wow. This trip to the east coast evoked many many old memories!!!!

I met up with a fren at Temerloh and we had a nice chat. I realised too that i cannot recognise Temerloh anymore. So sad. The memories of traveling to Temerloh came back. :-)

I'm at Kota Bharu now. So the memories of coming here for court cases too return! And of course, the RBS mission trip here years ago!

I'm staying on the 15th floor now and the memories of living above the 10th floor came back too.

Yesterday was 9/11. People say that on specific days of historical significance, everyone remembers where they were and wat they were doing when they found out. I still remember the day when i found out that Princess Diana was killed. And i can still clearly remember the 9th September 2001. I just came back from a RBS Committee Meeting. I turned on the TV and was immediately greeted with the words "America Under Attack" and the scenes of the twin towers collapsing! Everyone else was asleep and i was so so aggitated! This was not something to watch alone! I actually went to my parents' room and woke up my dad. He wasn't too pleased and he prolly din know wat i was talking about!!!!

As i listened to the radio, i was informed that it was on 9th September 1998 that the Commonwealth Games opened at Malaysia! That too brought back so many wonderful memories!

I have also signed up for the Nike+ Human Race during this trip too!

This trip has had its ups and downs. More downs than ups? But it also reminded me of the wonderful memories and experiences that i have had. And i'm thankful for that!

*She was the original cast member of Cats who sang this song.

Don't look back in anger* - Oasis

So it's for real. Oasis are splitting up. Or have they split up?

I've not been such a huge fan of theirs - but a fan i am! And sad is how i felt when i heard of the split!

I must give credit to Vera. Come to think about it, she introduced a lot of good music to me. But the best is definitely Oasis! And she recommended the best - '(What's the story) morning glory'.

If i have to choose some albums which i think is the best - and tt i could just listen to it thru from the first song to the last, this has got to be in the list!

Sadly, IMHO, they never reached such heights ever again. Not close. I mean, Wonderwall, Don't Look Back In Anger, Champagne Supernova, etc.

After the Beatles, has any other British group come this close to making it so big in the States?

Unfortunately, if news reports are anything to believe, Noel said that it was intimidation from management and bandmates which caused him to quit the group. So sad.

But at least we have their songs and albums to remember them. And when we do, let us not be angry - but let there be love!

Pics taken from various sites online

*Their first single to feature Noel on lead vocals.

Friday, 11 September 2009

Better off alone* Marie Digby

It was a big surprise to me when i found out - at Taipei Airport - that the lead singer of one of my fav groups, the Cranberries, has released not one but TWO solo albums!!!!! And i din know about it!!!!!!

So when i got back, i went online to get as much info as i can about the albums. Unfortunately, both did not do very well. Which was a huge surprise to me! Ms O'Riordan has a wonderfully special and powerful set of vocals! This got me thinking about how many of these lead singers failed in a solo career!

Gary Barlow of
Take That - good voice, talented bloke, bad solo career!

Susanna Hoffs of the

Linda Perry of 4 Non Blondes.

But thankfully, there are always exception to the general rule - or were those above the exceptions?
Those who did well - George Michael! Very successful in Wham! Even more so as a solo artiste!


I actually forgot about Robbie Williams!!!! How could i when i mentioned Gary Barlow!!! I only remembered when i read the news today that Robbie is coming out from self-imposed exile!!!!

Pics taken from various sites online

*A track from her first album, Unfold.