Thursday, 18 August 2016

Here we go again* - Paramore

And so the English Premier League resumed last weekend! Here we go again!!!!

But what a way to start it for Liverpool.

I was at Colombo and was searching for a place to watch it - but in the end, duty called and i had to give it a miss. What a pity for it appeared to be a cracking game!!!

At least i managed to catch the highlights online.

They looked really good - and although the scoreline suggest a close game, it really wasn't so.

It is really heartening to see the fighting spirit and the sharpness of our attacking force. Mane looks like a really good buy, someone who will fit into Klopp's team and adopt his philosophy.

It was also pointed out that how many players (a newly bought player) would run to his manager to celebrate his debut goal by jumping onto his manager's back???

Pic taken from

Klopp has really brought a feel-good factor back into the team.

This season is really interesting and quite open. Favourites are City but United is threatening. Exciting times ahead!!!

*It was the acoustic version of this song that made me fall in love with this group!

Friday, 1 July 2016

It's the same old song* - Four Tops

England got knocked out of the Euro 2016!!!

Photo taken from SkySports web site
Well, was it a surprise? On hind-side, it really shouldn't be. Sure, we have some pretty good players this time round. The addition of the fresh exciting youngsters increased the hope that this time round, it will be different.

But unfortunately, we have to weigh that in together with the fact that they had Hodgson as the manager. So in a way, i am glad that England had to suffer such a terrible and embarrassing defeat. It finally stops us from dreaming and realise that Hodgson is clearly not the man for the job.

He had so many good players to pick from - but he insisted on flops like Sterling and Wilshere. Rashford was used sparingly. Mr. Dependable Milner just had a cameo.

He had no team - it was like he was still experimenting.

So in the end, it's the same old story. England disappoints again. Perhaps there is a slightly different tune this time round - it is hard to find excuses this time round. No untimely red cards, no unlucky penalty shoot-outs, no wrong calls by the referee.

*Their 1965 hit single

Monday, 20 June 2016

Not ashamed* - Kristian Stanfill

This is what she said below the video of this song in YouTube - "JESUS CHRIST IS MY LORD AND SAVIOR and i'm not at all ashamed of it".

What a voice. What a testimony.

*This song is found in the Passion: White Flag album which was recorded live in 2012

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Hold me in your arms* - Rick Astley

Whenever my daughter is sad or scared, she would look up to me, open up her arms and say, "Daddy, carry?". I would then take her into my arms and softly assure her that I am there for her.

I know exactly how she feels - for when I am sad or scared, I would turn to my heavenly Father and pray, "Daddy, carry?" - and He would take me in his arms and assure me that He is there for me.

In the recent couple of weeks, I had to go through a period of uncertainty - in fact, the uncertainty is still going on now. The worst case scenario is actually very scary. And when the fear takes hold of me, it is so good to have my heavenly Father take hold of me.

It fills me with peace because with my Heavenly Father, nothing is too difficult for him.

I can rely on His love for me.

My earthly father loved me so much. And as a father now, i love my girls so so much too. But i know that my heavenly Father loves me even more than my earthly father loved me, even more than how much i love my girls now.

I have been father-less for more than 9 years now. Coming to 10 years next April when my earthly father departed. It's Father's Day today and it's one of those times in the year when I miss my eartly father very much. At times, I feel a little regret that even though I loved him very much, I could have loved him more when he was around. I am ashamed to say that it is only after being a father myself that i begin to really understand how much he loved me.

But I know that even if I had loved him less, his love for me would still be the same. I just feel sad that my daughters never got to know their grandfather who would have loved them to bits!I miss my earthly father a lot but my heavenly Father ensures that I am never in want.

*The 3rd single from his second album of the same name. Used to love this song very much. Still like it!

Friday, 20 May 2016

Love bites* - Def Leppard

Daredevil is becoming my newest favourite TV show! Season 2 has been really brilliant! Especially the first few episodes. The reason is because of the introduction of the Punisher. What a character. And portrayed brilliantly too by Jon Bernthal!

I loved the discourses he had with the Daredevil, as they talked about how different - and how alike they are.

In episode 11, the Punisher - Frank Castle has a chat with Karen in a small NY cafe.

As Frank talk to Karen about her feeling for Matt, he gives another one of his brilliant monologues:-
People that can hurt you, the ones that can really hurt you, are the ones that are close enough to do it. People that get inside you and tear you apart, and make you feel like you're never gonna recover. Shit. I'd chop my arm off right here, in this restaurant, just to feel that one more time for my wife. My old lady, she didn't just break my heart. She'd rip it out, she'd tear it apart, she'd step on that shit, feed it to a dog. She was ruthless. She brought the pain. But she'll never hurt me again. You see, I'll never feel that. You sit here and you're all confused about this thing, but you have it. You have everything. So hold on to it. Use two hands and never let go. You got it?

So good!!!! I actually paused the programme to blog this! Now back to the show!

*I'm surprised to learn that this is their only no. 1 song on the Billboard Hot 100!

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Against all odds* - Phil Collins

What an amazing achievement!!!!

Well done!!!! Against all odds (i read that it was 5000 - 1 chance of them winning it)!

Most of the neutrals i know are so happy for them. What a lesson for all of us too - to believe in the impossible, to aim for the stars, to achieve the unthinkable.

And I am very happy for Claudio Ranieri!!! As one headlines read - who said nice guys don't finish first?

The way how he was treated by Chelsea was really bad. I guess it is some poetic justice that it was Chelsea who prevented Spurs from winning this morning's game and thus giving the title to Leicester.

Roman - take a look at him now!!!

* This song was featured on the soundtrack of the movie of the same name.

Friday, 15 April 2016

When you believe* - Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston

What a game!!!! And no, i did not watch it. I've stopped watching Liverpool games. Why? That's another story for another day. And if i had watched the game last night, Liverpool would probably have lost.

I did watch the repeat! And it was just as exciting and emotional!!! The manner how they never gave up but still kept on trying and trying and trying. Brilliant!

Let me just recap by showing the "live" updates from BBC Sports - which were pretty entertaining!

In less than 10 minutes, Liverpool were down 2-0. That meant that they had to score 3 goals!!! That was a lot to ask for. Was it all over?

But then there was a glimmer of hope after the half time break!!!

That was short-lived and did not last 10 minutes. It was back to having to score 3 in 33 minutes!!! Even tougher than Istanbul.

But do we have time for another miracle?


So we so many goalscorers on the pitch. Who will score???

But we still need one more and we are running out of time!

And then, it happened. And no it was not from a forward player. It was the other center back!!!

Can we hold on???


What made it even sweeter was that Dortmund played really well too. And they were such sporting losers.

What a game - from the moments before the game when the entire stadium was singing "You'll never walk alone" right to the end, with the players and manager applauding the fans, it was an emotional ride. I had tears rolling down my cheeks as i tried to imagine how it would have been to be there, at the Kop end, witnessing such a special and magical game.

Credit to our manager. He added so much entertainment by his pitch-side antics!!! Jumping around, screaming and shouting, applauding. There was the moment when Lovren was in Dortmund's box and had a lot of time but he simply skied his shot. Klopp just stood there, not moving at all but the "cha toe" look on his face was priceless and left me laughing uncontrollably!!!

Well, he got us us all to believe - and just like how he said end of last year, "We decide when it's over". They refused to say it was over - until they won it!!! Well done.

There can be miracles - if we only believe. And Klopp is making the players believe. That was evident last night. He is also making us believe!!!

*The theme song for the animated movie, The Prince of Egypt. It won the academy award for the best original song that year.

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Sisters* - Bette Midler and Linda Ronstandt

We were warned that there could be some feelings of jealousy and insecurity felt by our first daughter when her little sister is born. I was wondering how she would handle not being the only baby in the family - and yes, i was a little concerned, especially after reading about it and hearing some stories about how the older sibling reacts negatively to the arrival of the younger one.

Well, thank God that my fears were unfounded - at least for now. My older girls absolutely adores her little sister. We are so happy to see that.


I wonder how long will it last. I was told by a friend recently that his two oldest girls have always gotten along from small. They never fought and they are very close to each other.

I hope that is the case for our two girls. 

I truly praise God for blessing us with two girls and it also brings me so much joy to see my older girl so happy to have a baby sister in her life.

*This is a cover version of this song which was featured in the movie White Christmas.

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Zombie* - The Cranberries

Tuesdays are the worst day for me in the week - i have 3 lectures, starting from 10 am right up to 5 pm, with an hour break in between lectures.

It doesn't help that i usually get back on Monday nights - and then i'll stay up late to prepare for those lectures on Tuesday, sometimes up to 3 something in the morning.

So when you see me on Tuesday, i'll look like a zombie. I think. Well, maybe slightly better than the ones we see on The Walking Dead. But i certainly feel like one! i feel like i walk like a zombie and sometimes, i just don't have the energy to talk properly - so i probably just grunt and snarl!!!

Something magical happens when lectures start, tho. I suddenly transform back to a human!!! I feel alive again. I speak properly and am actually excited about life again!!! That's why i feel so blessed to do this job. I really love teaching and lecturing, especially about the law!

The moment it all ends, my energy just drains out immediately and i start searching for brains... i mean a bed to sleep on.

*One of their most popular songs, so simple but yet so good.

Friday, 11 March 2016

Can't take my eyes off you* - Frankie Valli

I love carrying Gemma! I love how she will look at me so intently, like she is studying my face, every wrinkle, every hue, every spot. I would lose in a staring contest with her!

Maybe its because she seldom sees me and so she is taking the opportunity to look at me as much as she can.

I thank God for her beautiful big eyes. I thank God for her sharp attention. I thank God for her.

*One of his biggest hits spawning many remakes. Such a brilliant song!