Friday, 31 August 2007

Firecracker* - Lisa Loeb

Who doesn't love a fireworks show? Can't imagine anyone who would not be awed and gape open-mouthed with his/her breath taken away as the colours light up the dark skies in all kinds of patterns. I believe that anyone who is not moved in any way is one who has lost touch of the child within.

It was wonderful as i enjoyed the show early this morning to have kids around me, ooh-ing and ahh-ing loudly! Then, they started to describe the patterns the fireworks made - "Saturn", "heart", "carrot"... Carrot????. :-)

I've had had some wonderful fireworks memories. We were there when Tower Bridge celebrated it's centenary. We were there wif our old film cameras, snapping away like crazy, ooh-ing and ahh-ing along wif the crowd. To our dismay, none of our photos came out nice at all!!! LOL.

Then there was the closing ceremony of the Commonwealth Games in M'sia in 1998. We left early to beat the crowd and as we were making our way away from the stadium, the fireworks started exploding just above us! :-) Yes, i was wif a girl at that time! ;-)

Another was flying back from Paris to London - i complete forgot that it was Guy Fawkes day until the pilot announced it and told us to look out of our windows. It was the first time i've seen a fireworks display from above - the top view!!! Cool.

The latest was on the last nite of our stay in Romania. Talmaciu - where we stayed - was having a special celebration that weekend and they ended off the weekend fair with a display of fireworks. As we stayed just a stone's throw away from the fair, we had a wonderful front-seat view of the display, just outside the dining hall window.

I guess a fireworks display is a lot like life - we just dun seem to have it often enuf; and when it happens, it takes our breath away; and when it ends, it feels like it's gone too fast. Like a mate said to me last year as i was dreading the day me mates and i part ways, "But dont u be sad la. At least u enjoyed a brief explosion of friendship rather than it trickle n die a slow death. Like fireworks, u love it while it lasts, wish it could be longer, then wait 4 the next occasion."

The grand finale - a huge gigantic heart-shaped explosion! Just to get an idea how big it was, if you look at the bottom left corner, you'd see part of one of the famous Putrajaya bridges. And the leave-shaped thingies on the top left of the "heart" is just the shadow from an overhanging tree branch.

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.

*The title track from her5th album, it did not do as well as her previous one, tho.

Thursday, 30 August 2007

You're beautiful* - James Blunt

You're beautiful.
You're beautiful.
You're beautiful. it's true
I saw your face in a crowded place,
And I don't know what to do,
'Cause I'll never be with you.

Yes, she caught my eye,
As we walked on by.
She could see from my face that I was,
F***ing high,
And I don't think that I'll see her again,
But we shared a moment that will last till the end

You're beautiful.
You're beautiful.
You're beautiful. it's true
I saw your face in a crowded place,
And I don't know what to do,
'Cause I'll never be with you.

La la la la la la la la la

You're beautiful. You're beautiful.
You're beautiful, it's true.
There must be an angel with a smile on her face,
When she thought up that I should be with you.
But it's time to face the truth,
I will never be with you.

James Blunt, Sasha Skarbek and Amanda Ghost

*A big hit for Blunt, it peaked at #1 in the UK in 2005, won an Ivor Novello Award for airplay in 2006 and is the only song by a Brit to top the Latin America Top 40.

Tuesday, 28 August 2007

The air that I breathe* - The Hollies

During lunch last Sunday:-

Fany: You look like you lost weight - compared to before you left for Romania and the UK.

kc (not to be confused with KC): So this happens each time you go to London, issit? You come back thinner.

Me: I think so oso la. It has to be the air there!!!! I mean, i ate a LOT when i was in the UK. So how to explain the weight loss? It's the air that i breathe there! Or it's the air i breathe here which causes me to gain weight...

KC (not to be confused wif kc) does not look convinced...

*Initially recorded by the Everly Brothers, this was the last major hit for the Hollies, peaking at #2 in the UK in 1974.

Monday, 27 August 2007

Ten days* - Missy Higgins

Many have been asking me about my 10 days spent at Romania on short-term missions. I'm still in the midst of going thru the 2,000 odd photos and i dun know when i'll get them ready.

The church has asked me to submit a report to be published in next month's newsletter - and i've decided to let you all have a preview of that report here in all it's unedited format:-

Romania: 26th July – 6th August 2007

On the night of the 25th of July, 2007, seven people from 5 different assemblies in 4 states of this country assembled at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport to go to Sibiu, Romania. The objective of the trip was mainly exposure – to see the work of the Lord in Sibiu, to preach the gospel and to encourage the brethren there. The seven were Mr. Thiran, Glory, his wife, Mr. Wong Sai Weng, Madam Wong Chow Ling, Mr. Timothy Yong, Mr. Lee Kah Wei and myself. We were joined by Mr. Shannon and Mr. David Lim for a couple of days.

From left to right - Mr. Wong , me, Chow Ling, Kah Wei, Glory, Timothy, Thiran

The country

Still recovering from the influence of communism, Romania is a relatively poor country. Things have improved but can still be better. We were told that the monthly income of a lot of the farmers there is 200 Euros. Most of them cannot afford to drive. It is a common sight for us to see horse drawn carriages along the streets.

The main religion there is Orthodox Christianity. Evangelical Christians are sometimes viewed as a threat.

Sibiu is a beautiful place and is one of the chosen cities to be the European Capital of Culture in 2007. The country side is beautiful and I never tire of gazing out of the windows in our van as we travel to town or to other villages, admiring the beautiful landscape, the wild summer flowers, the mountain range in the background, the haystacks in the fields.

The people are generally friendly and warm. For example, when we walked pass the Mayor’s office one Saturday, a wedding procession was passing by and as we stood in the side, taking photos, we were given cakes to eat.

We stayed at the GLO Centre which was cosy, clean and comfortable.

The Christians

We visited mainly the brethren assemblies and some Baptist Churches. We were always touched by the warmth and friendliness of the people there. Despite not being able to speak in English, they nevertheless made us feel welcomed and appreciated – it is obvious through their eyes and their faces. They were also always very humbled.

There were many simple practices which impressed me. One was how they greet each other. Each time they meet another Christian, they greet them by saying “Pace” – this meant “peace”. I thought it was a wonderful way to greet a brother or sister in Christ, reminding them of the peace that we have with God and with each other because of what our Lord Jesus had done for us.

Another thing was how they would rise to their feet when they are praying or reading God’s word in church. It is a simple way to show reverence and respect to God and to his word.

There were 2 families who were taking care of us throughout our stay there. The first was George’s family – his wife Lydia who worked tirelessly daily preparing wonderful meals for us, and his two sons, Christy and Sammy. The other family was Dani’s family. His wife, Doina, was our main translator and she was truly gifted in that area. Dani stayed with us everyday and ensured that all our needs were met. They have 2 lovely twin girls, Andra and Delia who never failed to delight us. Being of around the same age as Dani and Doina, I got along really well with them and have been very encouraged by their testimony.

What we did

The main evangelistic work that we did was among the children. We held a programme for a children’s camp and conducted something like a vacation Bible School for children in 2 separate villages.

Shannon and David handled the programme for the children’s camp and entertained them (and us too) thoroughly, while telling God’s word in a creative manner.

The vacation Bible Schools were held for 3 days in a little village called Gura Raului and another 3 days in another village called Cristian. Basically, we had games, items and Bible lessons. Doina led in the singing and did most of the translation.

We were touched by the children we met – most of them were gypsies. There is so much potential in them. The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. A lot of the children live in poverty – they would come in their dirty clothes, all torn and having holes, picking up apples from the ground to eat. Yet their eyes showed so much potential and interest.

I personally had so much fun with them even though we couldn’t communicate verbally, save for the very few Romanian phrases that I had picked up.

In spite of what we had heard about gypsies, they were generally very well behaved, respectful and quite knowledgeable in God’s word.

Do pray for the children and that God will raise up workers who will minister to them on a regular basis.

We also attended 5 Church evening services where we would normally present an item, gave a power point presentation on Malaysia and the work of our assemblies, have one brother share a testimony and another preach from God’s word.

On the 2 Sundays were there, we broke up and covered 7 different Churches where one brother would preach God’s word. We also conducted a Youth Meeting and a Ladies Meeting.


We thank God for the wonderful opportunity that was given to us. As a team, we learnt to work together, pray together and had fun together. The Christians there said that they were encouraged by our sharing. We certainly were very much encouraged by the Christians there and the work that the Lord is doing there. Do pray for the Christians there and especially for the work among the children.

The conclusion was rather rushed as i had to submit it by yesterday. Will hope to share more about it in later posts.

*The 2nd single from her debut album, it was nominated for an APRA song writing award for Song Of The Year in 2005. It lost out to Missy Higgins' debut single!

Out of the blue* - Debbie Gibson

You've done it again!!!! Catching me unawares, just at the time when i've decided to put my guard down. I certainly wasn't expecting it but now it has happened, i'm not surprised. Can't say i'm not pleased about it too.

See ya later!

*The first track from her debut album, it was her 3rd single released in 1988, which was also her highest chart placing at that point of time.

Saturday, 25 August 2007

Independence Day* - Imani Coppola

I've stopped reading newspapers since today - local ones, anyway. I'd rather read news from BBC Online - and avoid the Asia Pacific section in case they'd report about some stupid thing about Malaysia again.

I have had enough of reading about how many people who need to die before our government takes action - like how many express buses and bus drivers are black-listed and not fit to be on the road, but it has to take a terrible tragedy and loss of life before our government is forced into action. Or how many soldiers must unnecessarily give up their lives before the government realises that the ancient "Nuri" helicopters are not reliable anymore. Sure, it's better late than never, some might say. But for those who perished and for their families left behind, it is just too late, period.

I have had enuf of the judiciary making ridiculous statements like doing away with Common Law. It's bad enuf that we have had to read their opinions in their written judgments - but now, they have to make such press statements???

I have had enuf of the government trying to suppress freedom of expression. Like how they happily suspended a local newspapers allegedly for insulting those of the Christian faith. The funny thing is that some of the Christians - like yrs truly - weren't offended. And to those who were, they were more than satisfied when the papers publicly apologised. Yet, the government went on to ban them and a local political party lodged a police report against the papers. Funny too cuz this party never stood up for the rights of the Christians before - at least, not to my limited knowledge. But one thing a lot of people know is that this newspaper has always been critical of that political party. Funny isn't it? But yet, i am not tickled by it.

I have had enuf of the outroar of some self-righteous, self-appointed guardians of our morals here over the dressing of certain people.

I have had enuf of people of a certain race who after 50 years of being given hand-outs due to their inability to look after themselves, still insist shamelessly on the same free gifts even tho this goes against any notion of anti-discrimination and non-racism.

I have had enuf of politicians telling us how fortunate we are to live in this country and wat a wonderful place this is - and sweeping under the carpet all its short-comings.

I have had enuf of people saying that M'sia is the best place to live in - when they themselves have never been out of this country before. If they have done so, they would realise that for example, those of Chinese and Indian descent in the UK calls themselves Brits, and the Chinese in Australia call themselves Aussies, while those in the States are Americans. But here, we are constantly reminded that we are Chinese and Indians - and if we dun like the way things are here, we can very well pack our bags and go home. In other countries, people get to enter the local Unis based on their performance in exams. Here, we do have similar exams - we call it the STPM. Yet, many people of a certain are exempted from such exams and given the privilege to do a matriculation course instead. And here, we have things such as SLAB - "
Skim Latihan Akademik Bumiputera" where lecturers of a certain race gets a scholarship to do post-graduate studies (see post script below). We talk also here of the wonderful racial harmony we have - but is it harmony when one just tolerates and bear, most of the time, out of fear? I've seen racial harmony overseas which is better - because it is based on mutual respect.

Sure, we have got good food here. We have awesome beaches and lovely jungles. But surely there has to be more than that? The Twin Towers? Or the multi-million F1 Circuit? Yet, people in the jungles are living way below the poverty line and small hospitals do not have enuf incubators for babies. What else is there to be proud of? The football team? Our badminton players? Maybe our squash players, yes. But surely not the biggest moon cake or the largest ketupat, or the longest cucur udang!!!!!

Next week, we celebrate 50 years of independence. Forgive me if i am less than ecstatic over it. I'm not ungrateful. I thank God for all the good. I've decided to stay on here for the near future as my family and frens are here. I've studied about horrible rulers in other countries and know how fortunate we are here. But just like any other anniversaries - birthdays, marriages, milestones, etc. - we should take time not only to look at how far we've been and pat ourselves on the back, but see how far more we need to go and work towards it.

Well, have a happy Independence Day. Even if you are not patriotic, you can still be happy cuz you get to sleep in late...

p/s - after some complaints about SLAB, they came out with a SLAI - for for a limited time only. I tried out for it and was told i only have local Uni options if i am interested.

*Taken from the soundtrack of the TV series, Touched By An Angel.

Friday, 24 August 2007

Especially for you* - Jason Donovan and Kylie Minogue

SMS to kc (sometime last week): Hey, it's gonna be difficult to bring back the Krispy Kreme doughnuts back home to you. So for your sake, i'll be going to Harrods later, buy 2 doughnuts for you and eat them on your behalf. The things i do for you... Muahahaha!

Reply from kc: Touching words indeed. I hope you enjoyed those donuts.

Well kc, i did!

Ever since we read about it in Kenny Sia's blog (see here), we've been longing to try out the Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Is it really as good as he made them out to be??? Well, i couldn't believe my fortunes when i was taking a fren around at Harrods when i saw the Krispy Kreme counter there!!!! How could i not notice it before???? Or was it new?

I din need much encouragement from me fren and we immediately got in line and bought a couple to try out.


It is the bestest brilliantest most wonderfullest doughnut i've ever had!!!! Mind you, forget about all the fancy ones - just go for the cheaper original-glazed one. The dough was unbelievably light, soft and moist!!!! No, the heavens did not open and choirs of angels did not sing - but it sure came close!!!! Even me calorie-conscious fren threw out her diet and enjoyed it guilt-free!!!!

I was so tempted to go back the next day and buy a dozen and eat it all meself (around 1 quid for one but they were selling a dozen for 7 quid!!!! wat a deal!!!). I din of course, but i did buy it for kc - and eat for him. Hehehe.

Here's my experience - and kc, it was done especially for you:-

We'll prolly never get it here in M'sia. The closest would be in Indonesia.

Bought it back and had it in me mate's flat kitchen.

Had 2 - one was the choc cake glazed and the other was the original glazed.

Saving the best for last, i tried the choc cake one first.


And finally, the original glazed...

It may look ordinary but believe you me, it's far from that!!!!!

Contented! :-)

*Kylie's biggest single before Can't get You Out of My Head, it did well in the UK in 1989, peaking at #1 for 4 weeks.

Thursday, 23 August 2007

The best* - Tina Turner

The critics in London were saying it was the best Harry Potter movie todate. Me mates back home were of the opposite view - it was the worst. I had to find it out for meself.

I almost watched it in Colchester a couple of weeks ago. The first movie i ever watched there was HP and the Goblet of Fire - so it would have been fitting if the last was another HP movie. But the 7 quid price tag discouraged me.

Thus i had to go to a TGV cinema yesterday to catch it since it is no longer screening in any of the GSC cinemas. Oh, btw, did u guys know that TGV Pyramid has been renovated? Not too bad, actually. Comfy seats and lots of leg room. TGV Pyramid has always been sentimental for me. Used to go there all the time, drink coffee at the Coffee Bean outside (which has since been closed down) while waiting for the movie to start. It was also the place where we did the Lord of The Rings trilogy, spending the whole nite there and leaving only after the sun came up!!!

Anyways, i left the place feeling very good! It was a long time since i have been so satisfied wif a movie. It was also one of the rare occasions when the movie fared much better than the book. I remembered how i was so frustrated, reading it. Honestly, i hated the book. Book 6 was not much better - but the final book... ah, that's for another post altogether.

A lot of people will disagree but to me, this has to be the best HP movie todate. Why? Well, go here to see me 10 reasons. The only complaint i can have is that Ron and Hermione's characters were pretty limited. But then again, that's a necessary sacrifice in a story where other characters needed to be developed.

Note: Poster obtained from a link in IMDB

*One of her most successful single in both the US and the UK. It was actually released by Bonnie Tyler first and it was subsequently used as the theme song for sports persons like Chris Eubank and Ayrton Senna (the best F1 driver ever!!!).

Uninvited* - Alanis Morisette

As mentioned in my earlier post (see here), here's the photo of one of the "uninvited guests" who escaped:-

Classic quote from a mate who heard my maggot story:- "I hate maggots - they eat dead animals!!!! *pause* Hmm... actually, we eat dead animals too..."

*The brilliantly haunting song found on the soundtrack of an unfortunately not so brilliant (IMHO) movie, City of Angels.

Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Free to decide* - The Cranberries

Not too long ago, Christians in this land were talking about "Freedom of Religion". We were going on and on about how everyone should have the liberty to choose their own religion and to practice it freely and to propagate it, as guaranteed in our constitution.

But today, as i was trying to catch up on local news and what's been happening in this country for the past 3 weeks or so when i've been away (eg. Proton Persona!!!! Looks tempting...), i come across this report on someone who is planning to start a gay Church in M'sia. And Christians are in an uproar over it!!!! Some are saying that it's like turning our country into Sodom and Gomorrah!!

For the record, i do not agree with homosexuality. I believe that the teaching in the Bible is against it. Having said that, as God has given everyone the freedom the choose, i hold strongly that one has the right to indulge in homosexuality - as long as it does not go against the law of the land.

But that brings me back to the issue of "freedom of religion". It is strange to find Christians calling out for it when it affects Christianity but when it is for some other beliefs, it does not seem to apply. Don't these people who believe in the "gay Church" have the freedom to practice their own religion? Or does freedom of religion only apply to Christians?

*Written by their lead singer, this is the 4th track from their 3rd album, To The Faithful Departed, which was made in memory of Danny Cordell and Delores' grandfather.

Where are you now* - Britney Spears

Text message received late last nite:-

"Where on earth are you obi mun?"

Well, the past 3 weeks or so has been simply brilliant and unforgettable. Each day would warrant at least one post - but i doubt i'll ever do that. So sad. Wonderful memories, great times.

I was in Romania for about 10 days, doing inter alia, children's programme in small, poor villages.

Then, i was wondering around Munich in super hot weather.

Thereafter, it was back to Rayleigh Tower, wif wonderful sunsets from the 12th floor and a great time of reunion wif me mates.

We also finally did our long overdue trip to the seaside!!!!

After that, i was loitering in London, catching up wif more people (no, i din go to the Star Wars exhibition!!!!).

Then, i was back and was jet-lagged thru-out a youth camp which we organised for some youths from the state of Pahang.

Now? I'm back home again.

Would love to travel some more - to S'pore and to Jelapang (yes, KC, i'll help you move house). But i've only less than 2 more weeks before i start work... not much time left. So much to blog, thousands of pics to share...

*One of her lessor known ballads from her second album, but one of my fav songs of hers.

Wednesday, 15 August 2007

In the still of the night* - Deborah Gibson

It was a dark and windy night...

Cue: Eerie music

...I was all alone in the kitchen, reading Harry Potter, waiting for the spin cycle on the washing machine to end. Everyone else in me mate's flat were in their respective rooms, either getting ready to sleep or were in slumberland oredi.

The flat was only lit with the single bulb from the kitchen. i din wanna turn on other lights - trying to be considerate.

The laundry is done and i take some, walked down the pitch black corridor and out onto the balcony to hang them. The lights on the balcony were out.

Do you ever wonder why those bimbos in slasher/horror movies never turn on the lights? Well, i was like that too - save for the fact that i wasn't scantily dressed. As i walked back to the kitchen, i smelled something horrible. Hmmm... someone must have done something nasty in the toilet earlier, i thought!

As i walked along the corridor, i felt something under feet. Strange...

Cue: More intense music

..and the smell...

I reached out in the dark, searching for the light switch... . Found it. Turned it on. The yellow light drove the darkness away and the brilliance of it made me eyes take a couple of seconds to adjust. I looked down and...

The floor was covered with MAGGOTS!!!!!!

The corridor was crawling wif maggots!!!!

Maggots were appearing from the kitchen, along the corridor and onto the balcony!!!!

Super mega gross!!!! We were being invaded!!!!!

A quick glance to the balcony revealed the cause - the old bags of rubbish waiting for the cleaners to come the next day. Maggots were streaming out of it!!!

Just like an alien attack movie, i sounded the alarm - thankfully, i was not the first character to be killed of!!!! The whole flat awakened and moved in to action. There was the joker, who was laughing and playing a fool. There was the girl who was squeamish. There was the strong silent macho guy. There was the other guy who was more scared than the girls!!! Me mate just instinctively took the lead and was shouting out orders to everyone. 2 hoovers were dispatched and we started sucking up them maggots!!!!!

"Here". "There". "Watch out". "Behind you". "It's getting into the rooms".

It went on for a while - and for some reason, they kept on appearing out of nowhere!!!! After making sure the corridor was cleared, we were surprised to find some there a few moments later.

Then it suddenly dawned on a couple of us. The scared guy took the initiative and got a knife from the ktichen. We proceeded to pull out the vinyl/plastic-ky type flooring... and yes, them maggots were under the flooring too!!!!! Hoovers on and sucking resumed. We literally teared up the whole house, from the kitchen to the dining, to the toilet, to the shower...

When that was over, we were exhausted... but we realised too tha them maggots were crawling out of the hoovers!!!!!

Next operation - empty the hoover bags and throw them all out!!!!

When that was over, we went back in... to find that there were still maggots crawling out from under the flooring!!!! We couldn't use the hoover this time so it was manual extermination - using toilet paper and picking them up one by one...

Man, it was super drama. And we had a riot of a time!!! It was good in some ways - everyone had the right attitude and were laughing more than complaining.

They had to be thankful i was bunking over that nite cuz i wasn't, they would only know about the "invasion" when they wake up in the morning!!!!

Oh, in the excitement of it all, none of us bothered to take out our cameras to take any photos. 2 mornings later, i still saw a stray maggot crawling along the corridor, no doubt looking for its mates. Got a photo of that! Still in me camera, tho...

*This cover version was recorded for The Wonder Years soundtrack. Another a capella version was done by Boyz II Men in 1993.

Friday, 10 August 2007

Last train to London* - Electric Light Orchestra

I bought a one way ticket to London. Will be going tomorrow. It'll be the last train i take to London from Colchester.

The goodbyes have started - and i haven't even finished saying my "hello"s yet! 3 goodbyes yesterday and many more today and tomorrow. It's got an element of finality this time as most of us will be going our separate ways this time. And those left in Rayleigh Tower now will be moving out come fall.

I hate goodbyes... But then again, the hardest goodbye was said last week. The rest should be easier...

*A song from their album, Discovery, which peaked at #8 in the UK chart in the late seventies.

When you're gone - The Cranberries

Like Star Wars without Han Solo
Like eating banana leaf rice without papadum
Like a Famous Amos outlet without the "free smells"
Like a Liverpool match without the fans singing "You'll never walk alone"
Like a sunset without colours

That's how UoE is without you.

Miss ya...

Thursday, 9 August 2007

I'm alive* - Electric Light Orchestra

An excerpt from a prayer e-mail sent out recently by yours truly:-

Dear bros and siss,

Just a quick update.

The mission trip ended on Monday and the other team members have retruned
home safely on late Tuesday nite. We have much to thank God for.

I personally have been so blessed by God in this trip... . There is much to
share and give thanks to God for. For now, just a quick thank you to you all who
have supported me in prayer and also financially.

God bless.

I'll be back in M'sia, Godwilling, next Friday nite. Mamak anyone? ;-)

*From the soundtrack of the musical, Xanadu, it was the opening song of the movie where painted pictures of muses came alive.

You've got a friend* - Carole King

I was dead tired but we still stayed up til 4 am chatting.

The next day, i got back close to midnight, having to make an effort to end the conversation which would have gone on and on. It was the same last nite.

It's wonderful that despite not seeing them for more than 6 months, we could just pick it up from where we left off - like the past 6 months never took place at all.

The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart

Katherine Mansfield

*The most famous rendition of this song is by James Taylor who'se 1971 single hit #1 in the US. But i still like this version by the song-writer herself.

Emotions* - Destiny's Child

As i boarded the bus late last Monday nite which would take me onto the tarmac and to the EasyJet aircraft flying me to London, i was suddenly overcome by emotions. It was almost stiffling.

On the one hand, i missed the wonderful Romanian people tremendously - after all, i worked, played, ate and lived with Dani, Diona, Andra and Delia every day i was there.

And i had just said goodbye to me team-members, fellow workers for Christ, who were to board a later plane to return home to M'sia. I hardly knew some of them before the trip but we bonded so much in those 12 days or so.

I also felt a little twinge of envy as they could go back home and be with their families and frens. I missed me family and me mates. And i felt so tired.

But at the same time, i was going "home" too - me home in Colchester and in London! After 6 months, i've the chance to be back again and see me mates once more!!!

Still, in the midst of the excitement, there was fear - what if things are not the same again? What if i've drifted apart from me mates here?

It was one thoroughly emotionally-confused puppy who finally boarded the plane and fell asleep...

*Their brilliant cover of Samantha Sang's version (backed-up by the Bee Gees), which was written by Barry and Robin Gibb