Wednesday, 30 July 2008

That don't impress me much* - Shania Twain

Controversial post, this is!!!!

The title of this post refers to none other than the movie everyone is raving about - The Dark Knight.

Maybe it's because the high expectations i had. I tried my best, i did! I kept cool about it. I tried not to hear about it but it is hard with almost everyone talking raving about it in their blogs, in their FB statuses, on peoples' FB walls, in church, at work, in the news.

In the end, i actually did something i have never done for years - in fact i dun know if i ever did something like this before - i watched a movie on a Tuesday nite!!! I had to catch it in a THX cinema before Thursday and Monday and Wednesday is out due to Bible Studies.

So i finally watched it - and left wondering wat all the fuss is about!!!

Look, i'm not saying it's bad. but it surely is nowhere great, up there among The Empire Strikes Back, LoTR trilogy, Love Actually. In fact, i think i like Kung Fu Panda more!!!!

I've no real complaints about it. It's just that nothing really stood out! It was all just good. Yes, even Heath Ledger!!!!! (I can hear the knives being sharpened now).

Yes, he was good. Very good. But Oscar contender??? Come on!!!! Altho he gave himself a good chance for a nomination by dying... Yes, he'll be missed.

Bruce Wayne was boring. As an actor, i would have hated playing him - no chance to act much.

The action sequences while good, did not rock my boat.

Harvey was good. But, yes, tt's it. You get my drift?

I think i enjoyed Batman Begins more!!! (read here).

I know i'm in the minority - or even alone - but i believe when the dust settles, when the frenzy dies off, people will realise that The Dark Knight is a good movie - period. And it would finally vacate the no. 1 spot on IMDB top movies. How ridiculous!!!

*Her 3rd biggest single on the Billboard Hot 100 and one of her biggest hits.

Saturday, 26 July 2008

Wannabe* - Spice Girls

In this movie - doubt if he'll get any Oscar nomination for it - Robert Downey Jr plays an actor who went for a radical skin treatment so that he'll become a black dude!!! This is so that he can play the role of an African-American Sergeant in a war movie. Some say he plays it better than a real black guy (see here)!!!!

Watch the trailer:-

"I'm the dude, playing the dude, disguised as another dude" Lol!!!

Can't wait to catch this movie. Have been a fan of Stiller and Black - but for me, the only reason to watch this movie is to see Downey Jr.!!!! That man is really good. It's kinda sad that people only now recognises his due to Ironman. But he has always been a brilliant actor. Too bad his problem with drugs put a spanner into the wheel of his showbiz career at one time.

But he's back! :-)

*Their debut single which started it all!!!

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Thy word* - Amy Grant

Honestly, i was disappointed that all that was being talked about were the interesting illustrations using Lego to tell the story. Did everyone missed the point of the whole sermon? After all that was said, did anyone take back with them precious lessons to apply into their lives? Or did they just take back the amusement of the cute pictures? Was all the effort put into the sermon wasted?

At the end of that same day, i felt another tinge of disappointment as i went to sleep. After all, it was another performance - and just like the first time round, there was no public response to the altar call. All the effort gone to waste again?

When i woke up the next morning, i read the Bible and one of the passages i read was from Isaiah 55. Verses 10 and 11 are as follows:-
As the rain and the snow
come down from heaven,
and do not return to it
without watering the earth
and making it bud and flourish,
so that it yields seed for the sower and bread for the eater,

So is my word that goes out from my mouth:
It will not return to me empty,
but will accomplish what I desire
and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.
It was a timely reminder from God. His word which goes forth will not return to him void. No, it will accomplish what he wants it to. Our part is not to make the result but to ensure his word is shared.

And to further reinforce the point, that evening, for BSF, we were studying the Parable of the Mustard Seed and the Parable of the Yeast - both of which could be interpreted as God's word starting off small but growing slowly - and in the case of the yeast, out of sight - but growing surely!

Thanks for the reminder and the encouragement, Lord.

*Taken from her 8th album Straight Ahead, i remember playing the guitar together with Geof for a performance in church long ago. Probably my first ever live performance as an instrumentalist!

Friday, 18 July 2008

Breakaway* - Kelly Clarkson

Once the great Anthony of the Desert was relaxing with his disciples outside his hut when a hunter came by. The hunter was surprised to see Anthony relaxing, and rebuffed him for taking it easy. It was not his idea of what a holy monk should be doing.

Anthony replied, "Bend your bow and shoot an arrow." And the hunter did so. "Bend it again and shoot another arrow," said Anthony. The hunter did so, again and again.

The hunter finally said, "Abba Anthony, if I keep my bow always stretched, it will break."

"So it is with the monk," replied Anthony. "If we push ourselves beyond measure, we will break. It is right from time to time to relax our efforts."
Taken from

Had lunch with an ex-colleague today. She commented that i looked tired. I was saying that that cannot be so - i'm sleeping so much more now compared to those days when i used to see her on a daily basis.

But she was sure - more sleep or less, i looked much more tired.

And i have to admit, yes, i am feeling it. I'm just tired of it all. I'm losing it. Someone said that i need to re-watch Dead Poet's Society again. I probably do. And i will. As soon as she returns my DVD!!!

Me mate suggested the same thing - i need to go for a holiday. Can't argue with good sense!!! The next couple of months are not gonna be any much lighter in terms of workload - but yes, i am taking a break. The tickets are paid for and me mates are waiting for me (i hope!!!).

I just can't wait - to feel the cool mountain air, the sea breeze, the sand in between my toes, the freshness of the smell of the jungles, the great food!!!

For now, i'll just have me pics to keep up me spirits!

*Recorded for the soundtrack of The Princess Diaries 2, this was co-written by Avril Lavigne! This is also the longest running no. 1 song from a movie soundtrack on the Billboard Adult Contemporary Chart. It was played to death in Colchester in the summer of 2006, and it kept us (Teddy, Praful and me) company while we did the annual clean-up the washing area of Food-on-3.

Thursday, 17 July 2008

One more night* - Phil Collins

We'll be performing A.D. again this Sunday!

This time, it'll at Cheras Gospel Centre! Here is a map to the place (click on it to see a bigger and clearer version). Do try to make it if you can! :-)

p/s - if you dun know how to drive there, i can arrange for a pick-up from the Pandan Jaya LRT station!

*His second no. 1 single in the US, it's also one of his regular songs in his concerts.

Casualty* - Missy Higgins

Beginning 1st June this year, it was compulsory for rear seat passengers in Malaysia to fasten their seat belts.

For those of us who lived overseas before where such law has been in place for years, it wasn't too big an adjustment. In any event, i always felt more comfy fastening the seat belt - perhaps i'm too used to it as most of the time, i'd be driving.

But to some people, they just cannot appreciate its importance. What irked me a lot was that despite taking the trouble to explain carefully the need to do so, these people still take it lightly or laugh it off. They even make it like we are the ones being difficult.

Well, if it meant putting their own lives in danger, it wouldn't be so bad. But the importance of wearing the rear seat belts is more to protect those in front - esp the driver. So a person who refuses to wear his/her seat belt in the back is in fact putting the driver's life at risk. All because they are too lazy or feel that it is too uncomfortable to wear it. However, the casualty will not be themselves.

This point was made frighteningly clear recently when one of me mates was involved in an accident. She was driving and had her seat belt on. Unfortunately, when the other car hit her, her back seat passengers were thrown forward and she got pinned onto the steering wheel. Thank God she did not suffer serious injuries. She had to be hospitalised due to chest pains - and she was back in again for a check-up as it still hurts and she din feel too good.

So people, PLEASE!!!! Take it seriously. Dun wait til tragedy strikes. Prevention is better than cure.

Check out this ad - not for the faint-hearted.

Be safe. Be saved.

p/s - do continue to pray for JL's recovery.

*Track 6 from her album, The Sound of White.

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Hooked on a feeling* - Vonda Shepard

E-mail from an ex-flatmate:-

2-3 weeks ago i met with sachin and tom in cambridge, where sachin lives for the last year or so. it was nice catching up! i bet u'd love to be there, too!! there was a moment you know, where sachin referred to u and said sth like 'he's chinese'. and i smiled, because this would normally be the moment that i'd shout out loud HE'S NOT CHINESE!!! lol...... miss these moments sometimes!

Yeah, i miss those moments. Especially in times like this. Very much. The feelings that those times evoke - i doubt i'll ever feel that way again. I'd do almost anything just to feel that way again... but i know i never will. But memories do bring me close. Memories & photos...

*One of the memorable songs from the TV series, Ally McBeal. The original was by BJ Thomas but the "ooga chakka" was added in later in a remake!

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Can't stop the music* - Village People

E-mail dated 13th July 2008 to a fren from another church:-
hey XXXX,

just thought of letting u know that we started having the bass and drums for sunday morning meetings beginning this month!!!

to be honest, it took us all by surprised - the decision. totally unexpected and unsolicited! to my own shame, i admit that i had given up all hope for this to happen in this generation. but God works in mysterious ways.

from wat little i hear, i think the big debate was whether we were gonna have a short time of led worship before the open worship. in the end, the idea was set aside - and it would appear that as a "concession" (or consolation prize?), they decided to have the full band instead.

so we have had it for 2 sundays oredi and so far, no adversed comments. i have been really exercising restrain on the drums!

i still dun know why i'm telling u this! mayb its cuz i think u are one of those who can and will share in our joy.

take care. God bless.

The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge - Proverbs 1 v 7 (MKJV)

I have to admit that it was pretty scary for me - more than i prepared meself for! As i sat in front of the hall, i could almost feel like all eyes were on me, accusingly! Like how dare i disrupt their worship by banging on the drums!!!!

But it was all in my imagination (i hope!!!).

I'm so glad about it. It is scriptural, and i know our Lord loves music (look in the Bible!!!). Music can help lift our spirits too. And the presence of other musicians takes the burden and stress away from the lone pianist - the pianist said so herself!

Lesson learnt - if you believe in something, don't give up! Keep on persevering and God will answer your prayers... some day!

Now we can put the musicians behind the instruments!!!

*The title track for the soundtrack album of their feature movie of the same title.

Sunday, 13 July 2008

These hard times* - Matchbox 20

Why must doing the right thing be so hard?

*The latest single from their latest album. Good, but not as good as they can be!

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Fernando* - Abba

I was reading some blog where the blogger din think much of Fernando Torres - solely on the ground that Torres plays his club football for Liverpool FC and the blogger is an Arsenal fan.

I really can't understand people like that. Loyalty to the club you support is fine. But if you are a real football fan, you would also acknowledge players from other clubs who are good. For example, a lot of me mates know - and i am very candid about it - that i've been a long time fan of Ruud van Nistelrooy. Yes, even when he was playing for Man Utd. Esp when he was playing for the Red Devils. I used to believe that he was the best striker in the 6 yard box. No one compares with him. The closest is probably Robbie Fowler during the days when he was playing the best football in his career.

But now, i think that Torres can match van Nistelrooy - or even surpass him. It is no coincidence that Torres had just broken the record set previously by van Nistelrooy of scoring the most goals during a debut season in the EPL!

The more i see him in action, the more i believe that this player is destined for legendary status. And he is still so young!!! One thing he has that van Nistelrooy doesn't is speed. Torres is so strong yet so fast. He outruns defenders, he turns and kicks so quickly before the opposing team can react. And another thing is he loves to run at defenders.

I can go on gushing about him - but lemme just share some clips to show Torres' abilities and skill. These are some of my fav goals of his.

This clip is a Champions League game against Marseille. It shows him running at defenders and leaving them flat-footed! As the commentator said, "This boy is a magician!"

This was his first EPL goal against Chelsea FC - the angle he chose to finish the move (commentator - "thru the eye of a needle") tricked the arguably best goalie in the EPL.

This next clip is during the Champions League Quarter Finals against Arsenal FC. It shows his ball control and his awareness of where the goal mouth is. Commentator - "He is unstoppable!!!"

And finally, the goal which won Spain the Euro 2008 title! Just look at how he outruns Lahm - the speed and strength. And at the last possible moment to just deftly flick the ball over Lehmann. Pure brilliance!

*Their first non-album single, it is one of their biggest hits ever, topping th charts in 12 different countries!

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

I have nothing* - Whitney Houston

Calvin was asking Marty to eat more satay.

Calvin: Come on. You have to live up to your reputation!

Marty: It's OK. I don't have any reputation to live up to...

There was a short beat before everyone who heard that conversation burst out into uncontrollable laughter - drowning out the feeble protestation from Marty, trying to clarify what he meant.

p/s - names were changed to protect the identities of those involved. Just their identities since one has no reputation to protect!!! :-P

*Taken from the soundtrack of The Bodyguard.

Saturday, 5 July 2008

The power of love* - Huey Lewis and the News

Here's one of the best scenes from Desperate Housewives 4:-

Lynette : Earlier, my husband, in an attempt to help you with your relationship, mistakenly gave you some advice, which he would now like to take back. Tom?

Tom : Actually, I stand by everything I said. My mistake was in not going far enough.

Lynette : What?

Tom : If you're willing to break up over an ice sculpture, you guys should absolutely not get married.

Lynette : Where the hell are you going with this?

Tom : Because who gets to choose the ice sculpture, who should take out the trash, who has to stay home and make the mini pizzas--that's the little stuff. What are you gonna do when the big stuff comes along?

Lynette : Could you give us a second?

Tom : No. What are you gonna do when a tornado hits your house, or you have problems with your kids, or one of you gets cancer? At some point, the crap is going to hit the fan, and that is why now, before you make the commitment, you have to ask yourself, is that person in bed next to you worth the trouble? Do you love him...or her so much that no disease, no disaster could possibly pull you apart?

Lynette : Answer him.

Lee : Sure.

Bob : Of course I do.

It really struck me when i watched that scene. Too often we fight over small and trivial matters. But when the big problems arise, are we ready to handle it? Is our love that strong? For if we truly love someone - our partner, our family, our parents, our frens - we will be there for them no matter what, won't we?

*Taken from the soundtrack of Back to the future.

Friday, 4 July 2008

Higher* - Creed

Got me new running shoes last week. Have oredi broken them in! Not as often as i would like, tho.

Yes, i am broke - but i had to get a new pair of running shoes. Me old ones are wearing out - and if i'm serious about running, then i should invest in a pair of good running shoes.

So here they are - the best that money can buy!!! I mean, the best that my money (which is only RM180) can buy!!!

Yes, Nike! The new tag line for nikefootball is "Take it to next level". Well, that's what i hope to achieve! I've signed up for a couple of runs in August - both 10 km runs. I hope later to try a half marathon - and eventually to do a full one. For now, my next level would be to try to improve my 10 km time - to at least bring it down to under an hour. That would be quite an achievement!!!!

On a separate note, i absolutely love this Nike ad - even tho for most parts, it is based on Arsenal FC. I guess this is the closest i'll get to playing pro and international football! Enjoy.

*Their first single from their 2nd album, Human Clay, apparently, the song is about the power of lucid dreaming!