Thursday, 31 January 2013

Lost* - Michael Bublé

I found this old in my draft folder. It was regarding this cute little story I read on BBC news about how a woman lost her wedding ring in her garden - but found it in a very interesting fashion years later. Look at this pic:-

Go here to read the whole story!

When I first read that story, it reminded me of the time when I lost my wedding ring too! It was on the plane to Madrid, a couple of months after my wedding. We knew tat the ring was quite loose on my finger - during our honeymoon, it dropped out off my finger but landed in the car we were in. The wife wanted me to get it resized - but dun ppl usually gain weight after they get married? So why shud I spend money to resize it only to spend more money re-resizing it later when I get fatter? But the incident on the plane gave us a fright. Thankfully, we found it on the floor very near to our seats. 

So why am I bringing all this up again? Well, it happened again last week. Overseas!!! It only happens overseas when the weather is cold and dry. 

This time, I was in Macau. I put on some lotion on my hands as the skin was extremely dry. I have no idea when the ring slipped out. I was so sure that I would not get it back. But I decided to go thru all my pockets and even emptied my bag. Thank God I found it in my bag!!! =) It really gave me a big fright - so much so that for the rest of the trip, I wore the ring on my middle finger to ensure it won't slip off again. 

So what was I doing in Macau? Well, that's another story, and another post! 

*Inspired by his break-up with Debbie Timuss