Tuesday, 1 December 2015

November rain* - Guns N' Roses

November has come to an end. It has been a crazy month for me. But it will also be remembered as a very wet month too.

When i was at Sydney earlier this month, rain greeted us and stayed with us for the first few days!!!

The view from our apartment
It almost felt like i was in the UK again - in wet London. So it felt quite nice, to be honest! And it while it was as wet as London can be at times, it wasn't as cold.

In any event, thankfully, it left and gave us a couple of dry days!

Coming back to Malaysia, it has been raining quite a lot too. But it's a good thing! One thing is that it is keeping the haze away. We have been having such wonderful haze-free days.

Also, it has given us nice bearable weather here - not too hot nor humid. I'm a person who prefers the cold to the hot and really loved it when i was in Sydney. But being back home now isn't too bad.

The view from our hotel window when we were at Malacca recently

The down side to it all is that i could not take Shona out for our usual walks. It has been forever!!! Since my surgery in August, i think. After that, i was recovering from the op - and then when i was alright, she fell ill. When she got better, the haze came. Now, the rain!!!

She has been singing "rain rain go away" for so many days. Thankfully, there has been some mornings in the past week that i could take her out - and the wife came along too as she wants to exercise. Nice family outing!

Besides it being a really wet month, it has been raining metaphorically too! Like how the saying goes, when it rains, it pours. November has been pouring in terms of work. At times, i feel like i'm drowning in the rain. I'm thankful to God that he has brought me through November - and although December does not look like it will stop pouring, i know he will bring me through it too.

*One of their classic hits! 9 minutes long!!!