Monday, 20 June 2016

Not ashamed* - Kristian Stanfill

This is what she said below the video of this song in YouTube - "JESUS CHRIST IS MY LORD AND SAVIOR and i'm not at all ashamed of it".

What a voice. What a testimony.

*This song is found in the Passion: White Flag album which was recorded live in 2012

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Hold me in your arms* - Rick Astley

Whenever my daughter is sad or scared, she would look up to me, open up her arms and say, "Daddy, carry?". I would then take her into my arms and softly assure her that I am there for her.

I know exactly how she feels - for when I am sad or scared, I would turn to my heavenly Father and pray, "Daddy, carry?" - and He would take me in his arms and assure me that He is there for me.

In the recent couple of weeks, I had to go through a period of uncertainty - in fact, the uncertainty is still going on now. The worst case scenario is actually very scary. And when the fear takes hold of me, it is so good to have my heavenly Father take hold of me.

It fills me with peace because with my Heavenly Father, nothing is too difficult for him.

I can rely on His love for me.

My earthly father loved me so much. And as a father now, i love my girls so so much too. But i know that my heavenly Father loves me even more than my earthly father loved me, even more than how much i love my girls now.

I have been father-less for more than 9 years now. Coming to 10 years next April when my earthly father departed. It's Father's Day today and it's one of those times in the year when I miss my eartly father very much. At times, I feel a little regret that even though I loved him very much, I could have loved him more when he was around. I am ashamed to say that it is only after being a father myself that i begin to really understand how much he loved me.

But I know that even if I had loved him less, his love for me would still be the same. I just feel sad that my daughters never got to know their grandfather who would have loved them to bits!I miss my earthly father a lot but my heavenly Father ensures that I am never in want.

*The 3rd single from his second album of the same name. Used to love this song very much. Still like it!