Saturday, 22 February 2014

I love you* - Celine Dion

A fren shared an article recently about Chinese families finding it hard to say "I love you" to each other. It had an interesting paragraph where the responses of parents to their children's declaration of love to them were reproduced. One parent asked "Are you drunk???"!

Another fren responded to that post saying that he was guilty of not being able to say that to his parents and that it has come to a point when it is probably too awkward to do so now.

I know how he feels. I am probably guilty of that too. But I did overcome that problem by putting it down to writing in the past.

But as I thought more about it, I think a problem can also arise if it is said too often until it loses its meaning. It has to be more than words. Love can be expressed through gestures and actions. On fact, it would be better if one expresses his love through what he does than just saying those words but not backing it up outwardly. It then becomes bunkum. Mere words.

That is how I show my love to my mother these days. I don't think she can get use to verbal expression!!! In fact, when I try to hug her, I can feel some resistance to such outward show of affection. But I show her by being kind and considerate to her, by encouraging her, by saying thank you and showing my appreciation in any way I can. By doing things for her when she asks, without complaining but instead joyfully. I may not say it out loud in words but I know that me mom knows that I love her by much. My father never in his life uttered those words to me but there is no doubt in my my mind whatsoever that he loved me wholeheartedly.

I guess the best would be to say it out loud AND show it in our actions. That is what we are doing these days with Shona. We constantly remind her that we love her (better do it now before she gets embarrassed by it) and we will show our love to her.

p/s - I was just thinking of how God himself demonstrated his love for us by coming as Jesus to die for our sins.

*Taken from her favourite album of mine, "Falling into you" which contains some really nice ballads. This is one of them.