Thursday, 16 May 2013

Waiting for that day* - George Michael

Another new day at Ipoh... 

3 days have come and gone since the day when she was suppose to come. Today does not seem like the day too... but then again, we won't be surprised if she decides to show up! 

We've been preparing for this day for so long - and we've been expecting her since last week. Yet, she still seems to be comfortable where she is and is delaying her coming. 

Well, to say that we've been preparing for so long may not be so accurate. Sure, we've been making the arrangements etc. but truth be told, i've been so busy lately that altho her coming has been on my mind a lot, i've not really been preparing myself very well. So in that sense, it is a good thing that she is not here yet - the extra days have been used to prepare myself - mentally and physically (trying to get lots of rest!!!). The missus and i have also been spending a lot of time together knowing that times like these will not be easilly found when she's here.

So while the tension is high and the suspense is great, we are still enjoying ourselves and looking with great anticipation for her appearance! I hope it'll be sooner rather than later as i have to get back to work soon...

We may not always get what we want - but God will give us everything we need!

*Taken from his brilliant Listen without Prejudice album, this song is medley-ed with You can't always get what you want.

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Do you hear the people sing?* - Cast of Les Miserables

I woke up a few times. Couldn't really sleep well. perhaps it was anxiety. Perhaps it was the excitement. I'm sure there was some sadness too. It's probably a combination of all three.

Anyways, i wanted to get up early and go before everyone else.By the time i got there, a steady queue has been formed - and it was growing by the second!!!

By the time 8 o'clock struck, i couldn't see where the line ended. It just went on and on and rounded a corner at the bottom of the street. I was glad that they opened the gates on the dot. Having said that, there was another round of waiting when we got it. We were herded and amde to stand in line following our allocated stream. It was like school assembly all over again! When we finally were called to go to the classrooms, we had to wait while tehy verified (paintakingly) the details of each voter before allowing them to do their thing! But it was all over. 

As i walked me mom out of the school and back to her house, the crowd was in full strength! It felt good. Really. Even from the start of my wait, i was touched by the fact that people took it so seriously that they actually decided to wake up early on a Sunday morning and queue up. Spirits were high and stangers chat with each other, their main common ground is that we are all Malaysians and we all want to play our part. When they called for senior citizens to move up ahead of the queue, one could see so many of them - some with the aid of walking sticks, most who should have been in bed instead of being out in the humidity - actually wanting to vote. Surely not for themselves (only). They are doing it - I'm sure - for their children and their grandchildren. I saw a frail old man being wheeled on a wheelchair. I heard later how this mentally challenged young man with a paralysed right hand still wanted to go and make his mark, literally. 

Truth be told, i felt a little down in recent days - partly due to the fact that some people have decided not to vote. Some of them are even proud about it, some amking a joke of the whole thing. I felt sad. I felt sadder when others commend these people. 

But today, i can see that these are in the minority.For today, I saw my fellow citizens coming out together on huge numbers and in one voice, from all ages, of all backgrounds, a lot are physically challenged, braving the heat and uncomfortableness, sacrificing their time and more, going to cast their vote. I do not know who they have voted for but I am proud to be one of them today who got our nails blue (tho for some, not for long) and who fulfilled our duty to our beloved country.

You could almost hear them singing together that we are Malaysians and we want to have a say in the democratic process of our nation. We are singing a song that tells others that we care. 

*This song was chosen to be the closing song for the movie version released recently.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

A change would do you good* - Sheryl Crow

Why would one want to vote for the oppostion? Are we not living comfortable lives here? Do we want to risk the stability we enjoy? Should we not be happy with the way things are? We can surely name many other countries in a worse condition when compared with our country. 

So why should I vote for the opposition? Because i have had enough of the racism in this country (even BN consist of parties which are divided by race!!!). I have had enough of being asked what my race is even though I am Malaysian. I have had enough of the corruption we see everyday. I have had enough of the exploitation - and although i live in some comfort, many others are denied basic human rights and necessities. I have had enough of people getting (filthy) rich unjustly and no action is taken against them. I have had enough of the arrogance - which is understandable after being in power and in control for more than half a century. 

By voting for the opposition, i hope i spread the message that if the government does not perform satisfactory, then we the people can remove them. Similarly, this message should go to the opposition that if they come into power and likewise are corrupt and racist etc, then we the people can remove them. I see the good done in Penang (although some have gone to great lengths to cover it) and i hope the same good will come to this country too. I cannot be 100% sure what will happen if the opposition win - but i can be sure of what will happen if they don't. And because of that, my vote this Sunday is pretty much confirmed.

I hope to vote for a better future for my children. If the future for them is improved, then i will be so happy. If the future is not good, i hope they will forgive me - but still be proud knowing that i dared to do something to make a change for the better.

* The 4th single from her 2nd album.