Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Zombie* - The Cranberries

Tuesdays are the worst day for me in the week - i have 3 lectures, starting from 10 am right up to 5 pm, with an hour break in between lectures.

It doesn't help that i usually get back on Monday nights - and then i'll stay up late to prepare for those lectures on Tuesday, sometimes up to 3 something in the morning.

So when you see me on Tuesday, i'll look like a zombie. I think. Well, maybe slightly better than the ones we see on The Walking Dead. But i certainly feel like one! i feel like i walk like a zombie and sometimes, i just don't have the energy to talk properly - so i probably just grunt and snarl!!!

Something magical happens when lectures start, tho. I suddenly transform back to a human!!! I feel alive again. I speak properly and am actually excited about life again!!! That's why i feel so blessed to do this job. I really love teaching and lecturing, especially about the law!

The moment it all ends, my energy just drains out immediately and i start searching for brains... i mean a bed to sleep on.

*One of their most popular songs, so simple but yet so good.

Friday, 11 March 2016

Can't take my eyes off you* - Frankie Valli

I love carrying Gemma! I love how she will look at me so intently, like she is studying my face, every wrinkle, every hue, every spot. I would lose in a staring contest with her!

Maybe its because she seldom sees me and so she is taking the opportunity to look at me as much as she can.

I thank God for her beautiful big eyes. I thank God for her sharp attention. I thank God for her.

*One of his biggest hits spawning many remakes. Such a brilliant song!