Friday, 20 May 2016

Love bites* - Def Leppard

Daredevil is becoming my newest favourite TV show! Season 2 has been really brilliant! Especially the first few episodes. The reason is because of the introduction of the Punisher. What a character. And portrayed brilliantly too by Jon Bernthal!

I loved the discourses he had with the Daredevil, as they talked about how different - and how alike they are.

In episode 11, the Punisher - Frank Castle has a chat with Karen in a small NY cafe.

As Frank talk to Karen about her feeling for Matt, he gives another one of his brilliant monologues:-
People that can hurt you, the ones that can really hurt you, are the ones that are close enough to do it. People that get inside you and tear you apart, and make you feel like you're never gonna recover. Shit. I'd chop my arm off right here, in this restaurant, just to feel that one more time for my wife. My old lady, she didn't just break my heart. She'd rip it out, she'd tear it apart, she'd step on that shit, feed it to a dog. She was ruthless. She brought the pain. But she'll never hurt me again. You see, I'll never feel that. You sit here and you're all confused about this thing, but you have it. You have everything. So hold on to it. Use two hands and never let go. You got it?

So good!!!! I actually paused the programme to blog this! Now back to the show!

*I'm surprised to learn that this is their only no. 1 song on the Billboard Hot 100!

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Against all odds* - Phil Collins

What an amazing achievement!!!!

Well done!!!! Against all odds (i read that it was 5000 - 1 chance of them winning it)!

Most of the neutrals i know are so happy for them. What a lesson for all of us too - to believe in the impossible, to aim for the stars, to achieve the unthinkable.

And I am very happy for Claudio Ranieri!!! As one headlines read - who said nice guys don't finish first?

The way how he was treated by Chelsea was really bad. I guess it is some poetic justice that it was Chelsea who prevented Spurs from winning this morning's game and thus giving the title to Leicester.

Roman - take a look at him now!!!

* This song was featured on the soundtrack of the movie of the same name.