Monday, 24 July 2017

Shape of you* - Ed Sheeran

I saw this on social media today:-

How to talk to your daughter about her body, step one: Don't talk to your daughter about her body, except to teach her how it works. 
Don't say anything if she's lost weight. Don't say anything if she's gained weight. 
If you think your daughter's body looks amazing, don't say that. 
Here are some things you can say instead: "You look so healthy!" is a great one. Or how about, "You're looking so strong." "I can see how happy you are -- you're glowing."
Better yet, compliment her on something that has nothing to do with her body. 
Don't comment on other women's bodies either. Nope. Not a single comment, not a nice one or a mean one. 
Teach her about kindness towards others, but also kindness towards yourself. 
Don't you dare talk about how much you hate your body in front of your daughter, or talk about your new diet. In fact, don't go on a diet in front of your daughter. Buy healthy food. Cook healthy meals. But don't say, "I'm not eating carbs right now." Your daughter should never think that carbs are evil, because shame over what you eat only leads to shame about yourself. 
Encourage your daughter to run because it makes her feel less stressed. Encourage your daughter to climb mountains because there is nowhere better to explore your spirituality than the peak of the universe. Encourage your daughter to surf, or rock climb, or mountain bike because it scares her and that's a good thing sometimes. 
Help your daughter love soccer or rowing or hockey because sports make her a better leader and a more confident woman. Explain that no matter how old you get, you'll never stop needing good teamwork. Never make her play a sport she isn't absolutely in love with. 
Prove to your daughter that women don't need men to move their furniture. 
Teach your daughter how to cook kale. Teach your daughter how to bake chocolate cake made with six sticks of butter. Pass on your own mom's recipe for Christmas morning coffee cake. 
Pass on your love of being outside. Maybe you and your daughter both have thick thighs or wide ribcages. It's easy to hate these non-size zero body parts. Don't. Tell your daughter that with her legs she can run a marathon if she wants to, and her ribcage is nothing but a carrying case for strong lungs. She can scream and she can sing and she can lift up the world, if she wants. 
Remind your daughter that the best thing she can do with her body is to use it to mobilize her beautiful soul. 
~ Sarah Koppelkam

I absolutely hate it when some people say to my daughter, 'Look at your tummy!!!! You are soooo fat!!!!!' If a girl is obese, you can tell her to take care of her health. If not, then just keep your views to yourself.

When I was overseas recently and was channel surfing, I saw this ad about a product which will help the (woman) wearer enhance her cleavage. It starts of with her feeling really sad and miserable as she has a colleague at work with a nice cleavage - and it ends of with her being so happy because now she can have a nice cleavage too!!!!! I felt so sad that these advertisers try to promote the idea that your life can only be complete if you look or are shaped in a particular manner - and if you are not, then you should feel miserable.

I think it is important in this day and age to emphasize the important of being beautiful inside and not to be so shallow and only be in 'love' with the shape of a person.

I am so surprised that so many people actually like the song that is the title of this post. To me, it is a song which objectifies women - which is why it is so surprising to me that people like it. It is a song that demonstrate how shallow the song-writer is. I hope my daughter will never end up with a person like that, who is only infatuated by her external looks - but that she will find someone who loves her for who she is, and for the wonderful person she is.

*Everyone probably knows - and loves (except me) this song now.

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Walking in the rain* - The Ronettes

I love walking in the rain!

Well, i used to! And it also used to drive me mom up the wall! She would always get on my case when i would return home drenched and soaked to the skin.

It did not start out intentionally. I walked everywhere. And during the rainy season, it would be inevitable that i would get caught by the rain. And during those emotional days, the rain seemed to be the perfect companion on those lonely walks. I remember one classic moment as i walked back home, i asked rhetorically 'What else can go wrong???' and almost immediately, it started to rain. That made me laugh. God has a good sense of humour!

These walks increased when i went to London to study. Yes, gloomy rainy London - where i also walked everywhere. It was a different kind of feeling, walking in the rain there - the rain there felt so much more gentle, unlike the rain here which sometimes feel like icy pin pricks.

But when i got back, it was time to grow up. It was time to get a job - and i certainly cannot be going to the office or into the courtroom dripping wet!!! Still there were the odd occasions when i would forget about what people think and enjoy my wet stroll. A memorable occasion was when it started to rain after a particularly long dry spell. It was a moment to celebrate - and i did so by running out of the office and let the rain fall onto my face.

But those moments were few and far in between. And come fatherhood, i surely cannot be doing these kind of stuffs, can i? Can't i?

Well, the opportunity came when i was travelling for work - and away from the kids. That was last week. Got caught in the rain, was soaked to the skin and absolutely loved it!!!

Wet look!

I only wish someone would invent mini little wipers to fit onto the specs which will help when it rains too heavily!!!

Thank God i didn't fall sick, though! And it reminded me how wonderful it is to do walk in the rain. Yes, i will do it again with my girls!!!! They cannot grow up without experiencing the joy of walking in the rain. It'll drive their mom up the wall but it'll be worth it!

*Released in 1964, it was nominated for a Grammy back then. It has been in the Rolling Stones' 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.

Monday, 17 July 2017

19* - Paul Hardcastle

19th Grand Slam! 8th Wimbledon won without dropping a set!

I've said so much about him - there's really nothing more i can say right? After all, the facts speak for themselves.

"I was just really a normal guy growing up in Basel, hoping to make a career on the tennis tour. I guess I dreamed, I believed, and really hoped that I could actually maybe really do it. So I put in a lot of work, and it paid off."

*This was a big hit when it was released back in 1985 - hitting no. 1 in a lot of countries.

Monday, 10 July 2017

Girl you'll be a woman soon* - Urge Overkill

So I took a break from marking to go and catch Spider-Man Homecoming.

I sat next to this young couple who brought along their young daughter, probably slightly younger than Shona. They were enjoying their hotdog together before the meal.

When the show started, the little girl sat on her daddy's lap. At the end of the movie, she was snuggled up with her mom and her daddy took a wefie of them together before her mommy scooped her up and carried her out of the cinema.

I don't know why but it warned my heart witnessing all this. Such precious family time together.

Reminded me of how we would spend so much time taking Shona out. Now with her little sister around, it's just not possible to do this anymore.

And it struck me that Shona is growing up so fast - there are so many things that we cannot do anymore and if I'm not careful, she will be all grown up in a flash. It made me just wanna to rush back home and spend more time with her - despite the fact that I have so much work to do.

 Oh - if you read all the here waiting to hear my review of Spider-Man, it was awesome! Go watch it. If possible, bring along your kid daughter even though she probably won't understand what is going on.

*This song is found in the soundtrack of Pulp Fiction. Brilliant song for a brilliant movie!

Thursday, 6 July 2017

For the first time* - Kenny Loggins

History was made today when the first ever batch of International Law & Human Rights I module sat for their exams!

I have had the privilege of teaching this group and it has been a pretty trying semester - not helped by the fact that they decided to put the 2 weekly lectures back to back! On a Friday evening!!!!

I have had sleepless nights literally preparing for this and I for one am glad that it has all come to end.

The funny thing is that this will be the first and the last batch - for the syllabus has been changed and come next year, International Law and International Human Rights Law will be taught in separate modules - as it should.

*I like this version which is found on the soundtrack of One Fine Day.