Monday, 12 March 2012

Sax Man* - The Lonely Island feat Jack Black

Last Tuesday, some mates and i went to catch David Sanborn here in KL.

It was pretty sad - the response to it. We're talking about a great sax man here, one of the big names when it comes to jazz saxaphone. But there were so few people who came - so bad that they closed up more than half the hall!!!!!

It turned out good for us tho. Look at the diagram below:-

We bought the RM158 tickets - and when we were there, they moves us up to the RM458 seats!!!!!

The problem was the lack of publicity - if i wasn't just hanging out at Amcorp Mall waiting to go for my Bible Study, i wouldn't have known about it. Really, really bad publicity. A shame, really.

The concert was pretty good. It helped also that theopening act was pretty bad in our opinion!!! Lol!

I enjoyed it! Even tho i thought that David did not really "show-off" much. He left it mainly to his back-up musicians, his keyboardists and for a couple of songs, the lead guitarist. The best song was the one which included a really long and brilliant drum solo (no surprises here!)! Partly also cuz it was the only song i was really framiliar with too!

It really brought me back to those good ol' days around 20 years ago, when we were so into jazz. I still remember those days when we were young and loved hanging out at nites at mamaks and other places for supper. When travelling there, we would be listening to jazz - Mezzo Forte, David Benoit, Spyro Gyra, Lee Ritenour and many others. And of course, David Sanborn!

We tried to relive those days after the concert by going to a Wanton Mee stall along the Sungai Besi road!!!! But the food there was really bad! Kinda a good way to remind us that the past should just remain in our memeories - in it's wonderful way!!!

Anyways, i foudn this really old clip of one of my fav David Sanborn's track - which he did not perform that nite:-

*Taken from their dubut studio album, Incredibad.

Friday, 9 March 2012

So excited - Janet Jackson

The other day, we went for a movie - and i enjoyed watching the trailers as much as the movie itself!!!! Eventho it wasn't the first time i've seen those trailers, it was the first time i was watching it on the big screen!

I'm so excited about the movies - and i'm really hoping that they won't let me down.

If you want to know some of the movies i'm looking forward to this year, you can watch the trailers here. Here is an idea of what the movies are:-

*Her 17th no. 1 dance hit!!! Featuring Khia.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Thing of the past* - Tim Barry

Saw this on FB just now:-

It took me so much effort not to comment on it!!! =P

Mind you, the person who posted this obtained a doctorate from a prestigious London University!!!!

*Found on the split 7" EP which consist of this song and another by Frank Turner.