Sunday, 31 October 2010

Reflections of my life* - Marmalade

When i was at Bangkok recently, i managed to catch an episode of Life on Mars. What i really liked about that particular episode was the ending.

Basically, if you dun know what Life on Mars is about, it is about a present day cop, Sam, who gets transported back to the early 70s and has to live life there.

In the closing scene of that particular episode which i watched, Sam walks pass a crowd of people - and then he notices a man and his son walked by. Sam turns back and watches them walk away - and we soon realise that Sam was looking at himself as a young kid!

At the same time, the song "Reflections of my life" was being played. i love that song!!!! Listen to it:-

There was something in that scene that tugged at my heart. The song refused to leave me for a couple of weeks. And as i thought of that scene, it made me reflect on my life too. I wondered how it would feel if i was back there, in the 70s, seeing my father holding me by my hand, taking me places.

As i thought about those times, i became like Sam in my memories as i travelled back to those moments in time, being a 3rd party looking on at my father and me. I started reliving those times, and the places he took me - and i missed him again so much.

I oso felt so blessed, to have such a wonderful father who loved me so much.

*The hit single of this Scottish band which has been featured in many TV shows and movies.

Friday, 29 October 2010

Too young to go steady* - Karrin Allyson

We finished watching a movie and were walking hand in hand around Sunway Pyramid.

Suddenly, i heard a voice calling out "Sir". I turned and saw some of the guys from my new class. I returned their greeting and said hi to them.

The strange thing was that some of them were pretty amused to see me. Yes, they were giggling to themselves!!!! It was a strange moment and i waved goodbye and walked on, the sound of some of their laughter still heard.

tGiF asked what was so funny - i had no idea!!!! Were they so young and immature that the sight of me out on a date with my fiance tickles them?

This was confirmed the next day when one of them came up to and apologised for bumping into me!!!!!

It was like i was doing something wrong - and they caught me red-handed!!!!

Hello? maybe they are too young to be dating - or perhaps they are even forbidden?

Dun get me wrong, these guys are really good guys (well, at least i think they are based on this 1 month that i have taught them) - but this just shows how young they are. Or perhaps how old i am!!!!! I used to be able to relate to the students like a fren. Now the gap between us seems more evident - but this is a good thing, isn't it?

This only made me miss my students who are in the UK now more...

*This is the remake of Nat 'King' Cole's song and this version is featured on the Best Audiophile Voices album.

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Rest in peace* - James Marsters

Well, rest in peace, Paul! (Read here)

The recent World Cup will be remembered for a lot of thing - vuvuzelas, Iniesta, Green's blunder, Maradona jumping around, the karate kick on Alonso's chest in the finals - and Paul! Paul really made an interesting addition and distraction to the recent World Cup.

It was really funny at how people were so caught up with Paul! And some fans even threatened Paul when his predictions were proven correct! But it was all in good fun.

It is sad that Paul won't be around for the European Championship next year - but perhaps, it is better this way. Paul left us while he was still in his prime, still respected and not proven wrong.

And at least he apparently he died peacefully... and not end up like this:-

(All pics taken without permission from various sites online!)

However, my fren came up with this wonderful conspiracy theory - Paul was sold to some rich Chinese bookie for millions!!!!! Can't deny the possibility of that! Lol!

*Taken from the brilliant 'musical' episode of Once More With Feeling.

Monday, 25 October 2010

How deep is your love* - Take That

Karen: Aren't you afraid he's gonna hate you?

Edie: I love him enough to let him hate me.

Desperate Housewives S05E19

I was like WOW when i heard that. How many will be willing to do that? We cannot deny that our love is at times motivated by our own selfish needs. And when we love, we want to be loved back.

In the case of Edie, it was best for her son to hate her so that he will have a better life and turn out to be a better person. Perhaps Edie was wrong in her assessment of the situation. But you cannot fault her love.

*Their remake of the Bee Gees classic.

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Beat it* - Michael Jackson

It's been a while since i've baked. But actually, this time round, it doesn't count as baking! i made a cheesecake! =)

It was really easy - basically, i just put them stuff together and beat it! That's all. And then i chill it.

It consist of cream cheese, sugar, cream, gelatine and melted chocolate.

It had a digestive base.

Well, it was simple - but not easy. I had to go out when i forgot to get the cream. When i got back, i broke the casserole cover when i was using the casserole to melt the choc. So out i went to buy more choc - wouldn't cheesecake to have bits of glass in it, do we?

The weather was humid and i was sweating like crazy - i hate M'sian weather - but no worries, none ended up in the cake. I dun think so anyways...

The result? Well, the base was too crumbly and the cheese part was too soft. =(

But the 3 people who have tasted it thinks it's yummy! So who cares how it looks like? If it tastes good, it is good! =)

*One of his signature songs - who doesn't know this song?

Thursday, 21 October 2010

They don't care about us* - Michael Jackson

I read this on the electronic signboard outside Summit while stuck in a traffic jam:-

They don't care how much you know until they know how much you care.

Good reminder to me that as i seek to be a teacher, i must seek to show that i care too.

*One of the most controversial songs of his.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

I saw her standing there* - Tifanny

Near the cross of Jesus stood his mother, his mother's sister, Mary the wife of Clopas, and Mary Magdalene. When Jesus saw his mother there, and the disciple whom he loved standing nearby, he said to his mother, "Dear woman, here is your son," and to the disciple, "Here is your mother." From that time on, this disciple took her into his home.
John 19:25-27

We were studying this passage on Monday. I have shared about this passage many times - the first time when to the youths and when i asked them what lesson can we learn from it, some smart alec said "Give your mother to John"!!!!

This passage is a wonderful example of how Jesus is always putting others first. He was going thru excruciating suffering - but he saw her standing there, he took the time to make sure that his earthly mother would have be taken cared off after he leaves, even tho he was in great anguish and agony.

But on Monday, an interesting thought struck me as i listened to the teaching leader. I have always forgotten that besides Mary and John, there were also other women who were there, near the cross of Jesus. Salome was one of them!

Now Salome was the mother of John - and we were wondering how she must have felt when Jesus asked her (Salome's) son to be the son of Mary! We were also reminded that this was Salome who not too long ago went up to Jesus asking (almost demanding) that Jesus makes her sons to be his right hand and left hand men!

We always remember Salome for that - short-sighted, not spiritual, failing to understand the plan of God.

But we see in this passage that when all of Jesus' disciples, all his closest companions deserted him (except John), only a few women stayed close by him near the cross. And as Jesus hung dying on the cross, he must have saw her standing there. She could have very well come to the conclusion that Jesus was a loser and will not make her sons great men in an earthly kingdom - yet she stayed closed to him to the very end.

As i thought about it, i wondered about myself - when Jesus is being attacked and ridiculed and mocked, will i run away quietly of will he see me standing there, identifying myself with him?

I hope it would be the latter.

*Her cover version of this brilliant song by the Fab Four!

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

First time* - Lifehouse

The first time i ever heard of Paramore was in 2006, at Essex, when i stumbled upon this clip of them on YouTube:-

I fell in love with them immediately!!!!! This immediately became one of my favourite songs - and till today, this is my favourite song of theirs. This version. So so good!

I supposed part of the reason why i love them is also because they are tied in with my experience and memories of being at Colchester. I remembered sharing this clip wif Markus knowing he would enjoy it as much as i did. I still remember that time when we were chatting in his room - and then i showed him this clip on his laptop...

They're performing now not far away - and i'm not there. =( But at least i can listen to them thru these clips!

*Their first single from their 4th album.

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Everything changes* - Take That

All my students have safely landed in the UK and are quickly settling into life there, trying to shake off their jet lag. And less than 24 hours after the last few touched down there, i will be meeting my new students.

Maybe it's a good thing - not having much time to miss my students...

Come tomorrow, everything changes. During our staff meeting last Friday, the Dean was saying how i was the only staff member who was there when she first joined. Yes, i will be the most senior member in terms of the time spent in Taylor's Law School. The school has changed completely. Everyone who was here when i first joined has left.

The head of the school is now the Dean - and she joined not long after i did. The admin staff are all different. All my frens who were my fellow lecturers have either left or retired. We are now located at the new campus. And we'll be having 40 plus new students tomorrow.

Taylor's Law School is totally unrecognisable if you last saw it before the academic year of 2007-2008.

I'm not complaining. I like the new campus. I've been back to the old campus a couple of times and altho the walls there hold lots of wonderful memories, the building without the people is nothing.

I have a good working relationship with the admin staff. I get along pretty well with the Dean and the Deputy Dean. Altho i do not know the new staff members well, the initial signs bodes well and i am excited to be working with them - after all, new brooms sweep cleaner, dun they?

Students? Well, they come and go. That is a given. It would be bad for all if they do not leave!!!!

But altho we know they will leave us, altho it is expected that they will eventually leave, it still does not make it any more easier when they actually do.

Sure, there are some that you dun mind - and are in fact happy - to see their backs as they go off. But i'm so blessed as those are few. Very few.

Being with the students most of the time, they do hold special places in my heart. We share so much together, go to places for visits or just hang out on campus. I really enjoy their company. At times, they are the ones that keep me going. What is my crown and my reward? Them! They have a way of brightening up my days, they never fail to make me laugh, they bring so much happiness and laughter into my life, they entertain me with their antics, they encourage me with their potential, they even teach me a thing or two even if i'm supposed to be the teacher!

And for some of them, they are not just my students - they are my frens. They support me, lend me an ear to listen, earn my trust, pull me up when i'm down, make me feel good when i feel otherwise. Is it any wonder why i'll miss them?

The over 10 thousand km separating us now will be the test of our frenship. Will it be"out of sight, out of mind"? Or "absence makes the heart grows fonder"? Altho i hope it is the latter, it is usually the former. After all, it must be so exciting and so fun for all them now, seeing new places, meeting new people, experiencing a brand new life!

Them being there will change our relationship - and it'll prolly never be the same again. Still, i'll try not to be sad. For this is inevitable. This is life. I've been thru so much of goodbyes that i've accepted it as part and parcel of what we have to go thru while we're still on this terrestrial ball. And instead of being sad, i will be happy for those moments that we shared together.

Yes, everything changes - but that is not a bad thing, for thru knowing them, my life has been changed forever.

And for that, my dear students, i thank you - and i thank God for knowing you.

*The title track of their 2nd album, this song was released as a single when i was studying in London - so it always brings back wonderful memories! =)