Sunday, 29 September 2013

Running on faith* - Eric Clapton

It has not been easy, being a parent - a first time parent. At times, it has been downright scary!!! There have been many moments of feeling utterly helpless anduseless - as there is only so much one can do as a parent.

For instance, how do we stop the jaudice (see my earlier post here)? How do we make it go away? We can just take her to the doctors and let them put her under the light. And then wait. Wait for each day's report on her blood test.

That is just one of the many examples. If we want to be paranoid, we can be worrying over the million and one things that could happen to her, all of which seems to be out of our control. At the most, we can minimise the risk - but can we ever eliminate it?

So one can just worry - and tears have been shed - most of which i think are due to feelings of helplessness, of not being able to do anything.

But thankfully, we have a God who is all powerful and all knowing. And we have a God who loves us so very much.

A fren recently reminded me - "It's difficult to ask you not to worry. But we have to learn to trust God. Small little things like this that challenges us".

That's so true. It is so difficult. But yet, we have to learn to trust in God. And he has yet to fail us!

One elder was preaching the other day about Moses, how his parents when he was a baby had to let him float down the river Nile in a basket, just having faith in God that he will protect their son. And sure enough, God did. Parents will have to learn to trust in God, to go in faith.

Taken from

*Taken from his album, Journeyman - apparently his favourite album! I love this song!

Friday, 27 September 2013

I know him so well* - Elaine Paige

We like La Cremeria ice cream! Not the best around - Haagendaz still holds the mantle for that - but not too bad. Interesting flavours, creamy, good taste. And nice container too!!!

Pic taken from Tesco's website

It is just the right height to use to defrost the milk for Shona. I was so glad to use it as the wife had been using the porcelein bowls and had to use two at a time. Using the La Cremeria box, i do not need to use anything else!

Until the wife decided to use the La Cremeria box to store some frozen food in the freezer. =( So back to using the heavy porcelein bowls...

That was some days ago. Fast forward to today. We were chatting in the car after lunch and i was telling her that Giant was having a sale for La Cremeria ice cream. She asked if it was really cheap and i said i think it was. It was normally around RM16, i think and when it is on sale, it can go to about RM13 plus. Now it is going for RM12.99.

She then responded by saying "...and you can use the box to defrost the milk!!!"

I was left laughing out loud as that was exactly the thing in my mind!!!

*One of my all time fav songs taken from the musical "Chess".

Monday, 16 September 2013

Survivor* - Destiny's Child

I recently started watching Breaking Bad - recommended by a good fren. Well, I have 5 seasons to catch up!!! It helps that the first only consist of 7 episodes!

Here is a quote from episode 5 of season 1 - and one of the best scenes of the series so far for me (i'm only at episode 6 of season 1):-

"...You've read the statistics sheet, these doctors talking about surviving, one year, two years, like it's the only thing that matters. But what good is it to survive if I'm too sick to work, to enjoy a meal, to make love. For what time I have left, I want to live in my own house, I want to sleep in my own bed. I don't want to choke down 40 or 50 pills every single day, and lose my hair, lie around, too tired to get up, and so nauseated that I can't even move my head. You cleaning up after me. Me... me some um... some dead man, some artifically alive, just marking time... No. And that's how you would remember me. That's the worst part. So... that is my thought process, Skyler... I'm sorry, it's just I choose not to do it". 

What would i do if in the same situation? I might just agree with this... and choose life!

*This song won the Best R&B Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals at the 2002 Grammy Awards.