Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Superwoman* - Karyn White

Last Saturday, i realised that i was married to Superwoman!!!

I spent the whole day prep for the sermon on Sunday - but i noticed that she was up early and did the laundry. Then she went marketing. She got back and hung the clothes out to dry and  put the next batch in. She then proceeded to unpack the groceries and put them away nicely. She cleaned the chicken which she was gonna cook later.

She then took in the dry clothes and hung out the next batch. She ironed the dry clothes and folded them all nicely. She changed the sheets of our bed with freshly washed ones.

She then had a short rest and was up to prepare food for me to take to work this week! Delicious honey chicken and pork chops!!! Yummy!

Finally she cooked dinner for me:-

After dinner, she mopped the floor too!!!

It was almost non-stop she worked - and if we have a child, she's just gonna work even harder!

I'm so blessed! =)

*Arguably her most well known song? Apparently, it was covered by some Malaysian man!!!!

Thursday, 10 May 2012

A song for mama* - Boyz II Men

I think me mom has the same problem as i do sometimes - she looks much younger than she really is.

I've always had this problem - as people treat me like a young adult!!! But that's another story altogether for another post.

Back to me mom - i often forget how old she is. Cuz she looks young and she is still healthy and strong! For a person who is above 70 years old!!!

So sometimes, i tend to get very impatient with her. It drives me up the wall when she doesn't seem to remember things well or can't seem to understand things.

But when i remember how old she is, i begin to understand a appreciate why she is like that. There is nothing wrong with her. She is just getting old. Her body and mind is aging. It is normal, natural. It is me who has "something wrong"!

In fact, for someone as old as she is, she is far much better than people of her age. Even better than some who are younger than her. She is generally independant and does not need anyone to take care of her. In fact, she wouldn't want it. Instead, she is the one who is taking care of my nephew and neice when they come over after school. She is the one who cooks for all of us and washes our clothes (now, me wife has lighten that load by washing most of my clothes). When one of us is ill, she is the one who is at home taking care of us, providing for us.

I know that the day will come when she is no longer strong enuf to do that anymore. If one were to be realistic, that day should have come oredi. But by God's grace, that day has been postponed.

To me, that is the greatest dread that i have now - to see her like her age, helpless.

I only hope that when that day comes, i can be to her what she has always been to me. That seems impossible, tho - for how can one love the same way as a mother loves her child?

I saw this vid earlier and it moved me to tears. Thought i'll share it here:-

*Written by Babyface, this was also the theme song for the movie, Soul Food.