Thursday, 31 May 2007

Let me let go* - Faith Hill

I guess i'm talking more to meself than to anyone else...

p/s - nice to hear from you again.

*Hit #1 in the US Country chart in 1998. Absolutely love this song!

Saturday, 26 May 2007

Circle of life* - Elton John

I received a text message earlier today - there's a funeral service tonite. I din really know him that well but he's a good mate of me senior partner back in me lawyer-ing days.

I used to think of the month of May as the month of deaths. Yeah, morbid. Besides being the month when the bloodiest racial riots took place in Malaysia, i've said goodbye to many brothers and sisters in Christ - until we meet again, on that one sweet day. And today, i have another to add on to that list. :-(

But i know it's really unfair to look at May like that. After all, May is the month of many births too! A mate just celebrated the birth of another child a couple of weeks ago. May is the month when i celebrate me mom's birthday - indirectly, it is a celebration of not just her life, but the lives of me bro and me sis, me own life, and the lives of me nephew and niece too. And May is the month where we had the most birthdays celebrated in our flat, Rayleigh 11, last year.

That's the circle of life, isn't it? Being brought into this world and being taken away. Kinda reminds me of that episode in season 1 of Lost where Boone dies and Claire gives birth to her child. Or the other nite when me mp3 player on random played "Tears in heaven" and "With arms wide open" back to back.

For both occasions, we celebrate life - the new life that just arrived, or the life that has touched us, or the life that still is with us.

Here's my little photo-tribute to me mates scattered over 3 different continents now who celebrates/celebrated their birthdays this month! (Check out their individual collages

*The song used first in the movie, The Lion King, and is now still being used in the musical version in London.

Friday, 25 May 2007

(You drive me) Crazy* - Britney Spears

"But he's a different kettle of fish altogether...", i explained to WS.

"What? What fish?"

"Kettle! Kettle of fish! No, not 'cattle' - *moo moo* - but kettle, as in 'Polly put the kettle on'".

"But why 'kettle'?????"

And that got me stumped. Why kettle? Who puts fish in a kettle anyways?

Well, i did me research - and what do ya know? A kettle isn't always that contraption Polly used to boil water. In the 18th century, a kettle is used to describe any large "vessel used to boil stuff in". But this was a british thingy. Those days, people will have a picnic next to a river and they'd pitch tents etc, put a large kettle out to boil and throw in live salmon to cook (reference: World Wide Words - see
here). But how it became an idiom, nobody knows for sure. Perhaps they used different kettles to boil different kinds of fishes.

There you go! English - just cannot be explained. And different people speak different kinds of English!!!!

I remembered when i was in Paris and i had a what i would like to call, a "Love, Actually" moment. Remember that guy who was amusing the American chicks wif his British accent? Yup, that sorta like wat happenned.

I was sharing this room wif this Irish guy, Danny, and 2 others from the States, Becky and Trevor. It was late in the nite and we were chatting when Becky asked wat was the time. I looked at me watch and said "half-eleven". And that started it all! She was amused at how we - Danny and meself from the UK - tell the time that way - "quarter to", "half past" etc. And that started it all - we started comapring the different way we say things, the accents and the slang! A really funny slang was the irish "
craic" - when Danny first told Trevor how he likes to have craic, Trevor was thinking in his mind "Riiight - it's ok. i won't judge you. i'm open minded", thinking Danny meant cocaine!!!

It was really fun meeting them in Paris - one of the highlights of me trip!

That just illustrated how people from different parts of the world can speak English but yet do not understand each other! And i know the biggest culprits are the English themselves - just listen to the way how they pronounce the words. Yes, as the song from the musical, My Fair Lady goes:-

Hear them down in Soho square
Dropping h's everywhere
Speaking English any way they like

Hear a Yorkishman or worse
Hear a Cornishman converse
I'd rather hear a choir singing flat

An Englishman's way of speaking
Absolutely classifies him
The moment he talks
He makes some other Englishmen despise him
One common language I'm afraid we'll never get

Oh why can't the English learn to
Set a good example
To people whose English is painful to your ears
The Scots and the Irish leave you close to tears
There even are places where English completely disappears
In America they haven't used it for years

Oh why can't the English
Why can't the English
Learn to speak!

Anyways, gonna leave you with this passage from the chapter entitled "English: The Krazee Language!" from me TESOL Course Manual:-

Have you noticed that we talk about certain things only when they are absent? Have you ever seen a horseful carriage or a strapful gown? Met a sung hero or experienced requited love? Have you ever run into someone who was combobulated, gruntled, ruly or peccable? And where are all those people who ARE spring chickens or who would ACTUALLY hurt a fly?

I'm glad that when i start teaching English, it'll only be to speakers of other languages - i'm sure they won't ask difficult questions!!!

*Her 3rd single from her debut album and her 2nd Top 10 hit on Billboard Hot 100.

Thursday, 24 May 2007

Something for the pain* - Bon Jovi

Ac Milan won. Liverpool lost.

Benetiz does not offer excuses, nor does he tries to blame anyone. AC Milan are the Champions again for the 7th time. Congratulations.

Even as early as the first few minutes of the 2nd half, i was setting up meself for to accept defeat (and was actually thinking of a song to put as the title of this post!!!! Initially, i was hoping that this post would be entitled "We are the champions - Queen"). Some may say its superstitious but in footballing world, after dominating the whole first half (wif some brilliant football at times) only to concede a freak goal thru a free kick that was at best, conceded unneedfully, and at worst, questionable, one just knows that it's not gonna be the Reds' day. Not this time anyway.

I can complain at how unfair football is at times, i can comfort meself at the majestic way Mascherano shut out Kaka, i can tell meself that come next year, this wouldn't matter much, i can try to feel happy for me mate,
Alberto, i can try to focus on more important things in life (hey, it's just football)... but none of that can ease the pain.

The best is just to drown meself in work... for the next few months...

ADDENDUM: After sending me congratulatory wishes to Alberto, he replied, full of joy, naturally. But he said something pretty interesting at the end of his reply. He said "... but the best victory is always the next one!" How true, how so very true.

*Their second track from their album, These Days - not one of their successful album but it's me favourite!

Wednesday, 23 May 2007

3 am* - Matchbox 20

Pic taken from BBC News Online

Technically, Liverpool are the worst team of the three English sides who reached the semi-finals.
Carlo Ancelotti, AC Milan's coach

We are a side that get results in Europe.
Peter Crouch, Liverpool's striker

I feel there is a noticeable difference in talent between Manchester United and Liverpool. ...All they (Liverpool) try to do is defend with everybody behind the ball and one striker. ...This final will be different - that I promise. It is important to put the record straight.
Rino Gattuso, AC Milan's midfielder

We're everybody's nightmare as we never know when we're beaten. It's a great attitude to have. ...It doesn't matter whatever team we face. We haven't done well domestically but we are some side in Europe.
Steven Gerrard, Liverpool's midfielder

What goes around comes around and maybe Chelsea will win the FA Cup and AC Milan the Champions League.
A bitter Neil Warnock - who got half his hopes fulfilled!!!

I'd bet for sure that Milan will win the Champions League. I'm absolutely certain of it. ...I told their manager Carlo Ancelotti at the end of our semi-final that there is no way he cannot win it now.
Alex Ferguson, FA Cup finals loser

I am not daft enough not to realise I will not get a bigger night in my career than this. ...There is no guarantee I will be involved but I aim to be in the squad, grasp the opportunity and relish being in such a final.
Craig Bellamy, Liverpool's striker

I can't see Liverpool winning again and I think Milan will win 1-0.
Zvonimir Boban, former AC Milan midfielder

Liverpool are going to win the Champions League final - I am absolutely 100% confident of that.
Alan Hansen, European Cup winner with Liverpool

Everyone's talking about revenge for what happened in 2005 but I think what happened is a thing of the past. ...It happened. We lost that final, Liverpool were the champions and it'll always be remembered that way. ...For me the motivation is to get to a final and have the possibility of winning the Champions League.
Kaka, AC Milan's... erm... he IS AC Milan!!!!

This will be a tough game and it is difficult to predict the result. The good thing is that each of the teams deserves to be there because of the way they played in the semi-finals.
Marcel Desailly, European Cup winner with AC Milan in 1994

It doesn't matter if the Reds dun win. Just getting into the finals is a brilliant achivement, seeing that they had to beat Chelsea and Barcelona along the way!
民安's head

Win, win, win, please, please, please, pleeeeaaaaaaaasssseeee, puh-leeeese win!!!!!
民安's heart

Enuf have been said. Let's have the players do the talking on the field - 3 am M'sian time. Show down, show time!

p/s - ok, ok, it's actually 2:45 am but try finding a song wif that title!!!! :-P

*Their 3rd single from their debut album, written by their lead singer, Rob Thomas about the frustration and loneliness he felt during a difficult time in his life

Tuesday, 22 May 2007

I saw her standing there* - The Beatles

After months of waiting and hoping, and of giving up and giving in, he finally sees her. She knows he sees her - tt's good isn't it? She's not hiding!

But for some strange, inexplicable - and even perverse(?) - reason, he turns around and walk away...

Dun ask.

*The opening track on their debut album, Please, Please Me. It was covered by many including Tiffany - who obviously changed the lyrics to "I saw him standing there"!

Monday, 21 May 2007

Ticket to ride* - The Beatles

I hang on to me dear life and just stare outside, like i always do. I love looking at people in their cars! I'd look at the toddler in the back seat amusing himself wif an empty bottle, the female companion giving the male driver what Jess calls the "look-left syndrome", i'd be being amused by how stupid people look talking animatedly with their hands free kit while driving, seeing the multi-taskers reading the newspapers spread across the steering wheel, shaking me head at the number of people who chat away without a hands-free kit while driving - oh, oh, there was this one guy tho who happily talked away while his female fren from the front passenger seat leaned across and controlled the steering wheel - now that's team-work!!!

When i get bored, i turn me attention to those inside - the most interesting character was this lady i saw who started putting on curlers on her hair!!!!!! Serious!!!! I glanced at the others but everyone else was politely pretending not seeing that! At least when that woman was done putting on all the curlers, she pulled out a cap, wore it and proceeded to go to sleep!!!

A fella would be at the back seat eating kuaci and leaving the skins(? shells?) all over the floor. There'll be people conducting long conversations thru text messages - while others just chat loudly and let everyone into the conversation! One guy even lied saying he was in USJ when we just passed Sunway Pyramid! Most people will try to sleep and a handful will read. Some guys will be checking out girls - hello? Can you be any more obvious????? The only thing missing is the drool! Be more discreet, man! Like muah! ;-P

And if the radio is not turned on, Jewel will be singing into me ears via me mp3 player. If we are not packed like sardines, i might just fish out me book and read - i get so much reading done these days! :-) If i'm too tired, i'll catch a nap - provided i get a place to sit.

Yes, i love taking the bus to work! I love the walks back home from the bus stop. I love not having worry about the inconsiderate and selfish drivers, the crazy motorbikers, the obliviously dangerous people behind a steering wheel. Not only do i not get stressed and turn into a raging monster, I actually enjoy the long journeys to and from work!!!! Sure, the travelling time is longer but it's worth it!

And unless Carina comes out wif her
BallShrinker 24 anytime soon, i'll avoid having to drive thru the traffic jam and pay RM2 a day to RapidKL.

* This song is ranked as #384 in 2004 by the Rolling Stone magazine in their list of the 500 greatest songs of all time! Proclaimed by John Lennon to be the first heavy metal song of all time, it is also Noel gallagher's favourite Beatles' song.

Sunday, 20 May 2007

Wasting my time* - Take That

The first FA Cup at the new Wembley!!!!! Everyone was excited! After all, it was between the two best teams in the English Premier League!

To get meself ready, i watched the highlights of Liverpool's FA Cup campaign last season - from their brilliant 5-3 win over Luton to the throroughly entertaining 3-3 finals at the Millenium Stadium where LFC won on penalties - the final dubbed as "Steven Gerrard's final"!

It brought back memories! I was following the game on audio in me room last year!!! Yeah, i din watch it. The SU Bar was packed like crazy. But even then, listening to the game was nerve-wrecking!!!! LFC going behind 2-0, pulling back to 2-2, then conceding again in extra time! And then that moment of brilliance from Stevie G brought the game to penalties!!!! It was then i couldn't take it anymore and ran to the SU Bar. I managed to stand at the door and if i stood on me toes, i could just see a little bit of the screen! It din matter. I was there for the atmosphere - and all of us Reds fan celebrated when Reina saved his 3rd penalty.

I was all hyped up - even if Liverpool were not involved in it this year. And some actually dubbed the FA Cup finals this year as the 3rd-place play-off of the Champions League, since it was between the 2 losing semi-finalists and taking place just a few days before the Champions League Finals!!! LOL!

But wat a disappointment!!!!!! Ho-hum! The first 30 mins was absolutely boring!!!!! Here's wat was reported (here) in BBC News online:-

The first FA Cup final at new Wembley was a mostly dreadful spectacle played out between two teams whose exaggerated respect for each other ruined the hopes of a classic being played out at English football's new £757m home.

In fact, the first 45 minutes was so bad that it had an almost ghoulish fascination as the watching world pondered how players of such quality could be so poor.

Paul Jewell described the first half as "more like a game of chess - and a bad one at that" (see here). It came to a point when i hoped that no one would score so no one can take the glory of scoring in the very first FA Cup finals at the new Wembley (altho it was no surprise that Paul Scholes got the first yellow card).

But the goal did come - i was neither estatic nor was i disappointed. In some ways, i was quite glad that Drogba scored it. There is some justice after all. I hold a grudging respect for that guy - who for most of the game had to feed off scraps and make openings for himself.

Arguably, the only moment of brilliance in the whole game
(pic taken from BBC News Online)

But i wouldn't have missed much if i din watch the game. In fact, i could gotten some well-needed sleep. What a waste of time. But then again, i souldn't have expected it to be as entertaining as Liverpool's win last year!!!!

I hope this Wednesday's finals will not be as bad.

*One of their forgettable track from their unforgettable album, Everything Changes.

Saturday, 19 May 2007

Empty chairs at empty tables* - Michael Ball

The above pic was taken at Sin Seng Nam during lunch time a couple of weeks ago. Yes, it's the Seng Nam - the lawyer's haunt! That's the place every KL litigation lawyer goes to for breakfast before and after attending court... and any breaks in between! After all, it is just a stone's throw away from the Sessions and Magistrate's Courts.

It's the place where i'd meet me boss (who then became my partner - partner of the legal firm, not that kind of partner) for nice chee cheong fun breakfast before attending court. It's the place where i'd meet up wif me mates after mentions and hearings. It's the place i go with witnesses and clients for a quick lunch of delicious chicken rice on trial days. It's the place where i'd meet other lawyers and make new frens. It's the place i'd take me secretary for chicken chop cuz she swears that it's the best in town.

Even before i became a lawyer, Seng Nam was the place to be for lawyers, for them to hang out - u'll see then, penguin-like in their black coats, some in their bibs, carrying files tied in pink ribbon, lugging around briefcases and huge pilot bags, looking stressed and overworked.

It was the place to eat roti bakar - toasted bread! That's because up til today, they use the big loaf breads and toast them over a coal fire!!! It's the place to eat chicken rice - the rice is simply yummy!!! It's the place to have a nice hot drink.

Ah... those were the days. I'd sit upstairs which was quieter and cooler and would have drink after drink, reading newspapers and chatting wif me "brothers and sisters in law". Hey, it's the expected thing to do! You dun rush back to office after your matter is done in court! Bosses know it too - and they'd close one eye. After all, they too were young lawyers at one point of time!!!

I've been around the country, attending hearings and mentions and while i've had tea and drinks at many places with other lawyers, none come close to the character that Seng Nam had.

Yes, "had".

The Subordinate Courts in KL have moved to their new multi million court complex. Yup, it costs us taxpayers millions. Too bad, most of the money were not used to build the court!!! As it is, it is falling apart even from the very first day - a fren was saying she's gonna walk around wearing a motorcycle helmet as a sign of protest - and for her own protection - after the ceiling at Datuk Malik Ishak's court came down a couple of weeks ago!!!

But i digress...

The shifting of the courts meant that it was not possible for lawyers to hang out at Seng Nam any longer. So it was wif mixed feelings when i sat in Seng Nam - a very quiet Seng Nam and ate me lunch surrounded by empty chairs at empty tables. It brought back wonderful memories and the food was still good (but RM6 for chicken rice?????). But the memories are of a different lifetime, another era. Seng Nam is no longer the lawyers' hang-out place, and with that, it has lost a huge piece of itself.

*The song sung by the character, Marice in the musical Les Miserables, near the end, as he thinks of all his fallen comrades

Friday, 18 May 2007

Happy Together* - The Turtles

Hi mate,

thanks for your wishes for my birthday! Actually last year was much more fun!

(Extract of the e-mail from Ghisseh a couple of days ago)

Hehehe. Of course last year's
triple birthday sushi party was much more fun! How could anything else compare with those fun times we had when we were all at Rayleigh 11? We were truly so happy together! :-)

Oh when I look back now
That summer seemed to last forever
And if I had the choice
Ya - I'd always wanna be there
Those were the best days of my life
Bryan Adams, Jim Vallance

*One of the most covered and performed songs in the 20th Century and used in many TV series and movies. But then again, who doesn't like this wonderfully cheery song?

Wednesday, 16 May 2007

She will be loved* - Maroon 5


Do you realise that someone left a comment on yr last post in your blog? He says he misses you a lot.

Why was i not surprised to hear that?

p/s - And no, it wasn't me!

*Their 3rd single from their album, "Songs about Jane", hitting the top 5 in both US and UK

Tuesday, 15 May 2007

I'm like a bird* - Nelly Furtado

Sunset over Loch Ness

I think it's time to move on - it sure feels like it! I guess i can't stay still in one place for long.

Or maybe it's just time for a holiday! ;-)

*I simply love this song - and her voice is simply brilliant! Apparently. according to Wiki, this is her favourite too!!! It won her a Grammy for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance in 2002.

Monday, 14 May 2007

Blame it on the rain* - Milli Vanilli

What a fabulous nite of EPL football - a fitting finale to a wonderful season!

Although the Champions were decided last weekend and the Champions League qualifiers secured their places long ago, there were still many things to watch for - the final slot for the UEFA Cup Competition still up for grabs, Robbie "God" Fowler's last game in Anfield for Liverpool FC and the bragging rights for the 3rd position. But all attention was on who will be the 3rd team that will bid goodbye to the EPL. On paper, West Ham seemed the most likely - after all, they face Man Utd (admittedly, deserving Champions) and even a draw would be a tall order for them! The safest would be Sheffield United - all they need is just to draw their final game which will be played at home and against fellow relegation potential candidate, Wigan.

But things dun always turn out the way we think they would - not always!

West Ham played a wonderful game and beat the Champions 1-0. Sheffield United couldn't find a draw at home against a 10-man team who lost their cpatain in the 1st half!!!!

Having lived just a couple of tube stops away from Upton Park, the home of West Ham, they have always had a special place in me heart. So it was a great joy and relief that they managed to stay in the EPL in such a wonderful manner! Tevez is brilliant (hopefully, Liverpool gets him next season!).

I really din care if Sheffield or Wigan went - as long as it's one of them. But now, i'm really glad it was Sheffield.

I've got nothing against the players nor the club. But i never really liked their coach. And now being relegated, he was such a sore loser!!!! After 38 games played over a year, why can't he just admit that perhaps they just weren't good enough?

He basically blamed everyone else - he blamed the coaches of Man Utd and Liverpool for fielding "weakened" teams, he blamed the referee (read the report here). If they were really good, why would it matter then if other team coaches field apparently weakened teams? And even if he said he said his players were "magnificent and tried their hardest", he also said that they basically "committed suicide" during their final game - in effect blaming them!!! He refused to give credit to Wigan who played like their lives depended on the game!!!!!

I was surprised he din blame the rain which was falling thruout the game!!!

Well, if his players tried their hardest, then i guess the blame should fall squarely on his shoulders.

I'm just glad West Ham will remain in the EPL next season (barring any legal action which is being threatened against them) and hopefully, we won't see Neil Warnock in the EPL for a while.

So there we have it - West Ham stays, Man Utd loses (but gets crowned Champions), Warnock goes, Fowler captains Liverpool, Liverpool FC secured 3rd place. The only disappointment is that Reading lost out on the last UEFA Cup place - just one point behind Bolton who had a more inferior goal difference. It was probably because of the rain...

p/s - OH NOOOooo!!!!! After next weekend's FA Cup final and the following week's Champion's League finals, there's no more footie til the autumn!!!!!! And there's no World Cup to look forward to in the summer!!!!!!!

p/p/s - pic obtained from BBC News Online

*The #1 hit on Billboard Hot 100 in 1989 which was initially credited to the duo, Fab Morvan and Rob Pilatus - until they were found out to be just lip-synching it!!!!

Sunday, 13 May 2007

Absence of fear* - Jewel

Because he lives, I can face tomorrow
Because he lives, all fear is gone
Because I know, I know he holds the future
And life is worth the living just because he lives!
Gloria & William J Gaither

*The last track of my fav album of hers, it also contains a "hidden" track where Jewel sings a capella wif her mom!

Saturday, 12 May 2007

(I've Had) The Time of My Life* - Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes

I just finished watching season 8 of Friends. Watching Friends always brings back memories of life in UoE. After all, i lived with some really die-hard fans of Friends!!!

But more than that, our life back then was like one long episode of Friends - without the sleeping wif each other!!!! ;-P We had so much fun together! And just like the theme song of that series went, It din matter if our life was a joke, or if we're broke or if our love life was DOA!!! We would be there for each other! :-)

If only like the series, we could spend 10 years together...

I know i said in me previous post that the place i wanna be now is London. But if given a chance, i dun mind being anywhere as long as i'm wif all me mates. I've had the time of my life when i was in the UK - and the main reason is because of them.

I really miss me mates.

Here's my tribute to them - you can see we really had some brilliant and fun time together!

*A Grammy and Academy Award winning song which hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart in 1987, it was also featured on the soundtrack of Dirty Dancing.

Friday, 11 May 2007

Where I wanna be* - Deborah Gibson

No prizes for guessing which city i wanna be at now - especially in view of the Star Wars exhibition being held there at this point of time!

Here's my tribute to London:-

Top to bottom, left to right: - Nelson's column in Trafalgar Square, my name high and exalted in Chinatown, Hugh Grant's hand print in Leicester Square, Millenium Bridge leading to tate Modern, the same bridge with St Paul's in the background, statute of Eros on Picadally Circus, Platform 9 3/4 at King's Cross Station, me and Indiana Jones in Madame Tussaud's, the Gerkin, the Imperial War Museum, interior of Royal Albert Hall, inside of a District Line tube, the Eurofighter in the RAF Museum, Wimbledon, the Reading Room in the British Museum, Tower Bridge at dusk, Portabello Road, the Discobolus in the British Museum, the Natural History Museum, the changing of the horse guard, the National Gallery with the Trafalgar Square fountains in the foreground, the neon signs in Picadally Circus, Big Ben and the Parliament Houses, the London Eye, Dominion Theatre at Tottenham Court Road.

ADDENDUM (12/5/07): i just realised that i did not put any pics of the wonderful parks, the places i always hang out at!!! Oh well...

*The 8th track from her sixth album, which was her first album where she called herself "Deborah" instead of "Debbie".

Thursday, 10 May 2007

Only in my dreams* - Debbie Gibson


You alrite? Wanna tell ya about this really weird dream i had last nite. You were in it - but that wasn't the weird part! ;-)

We were both on a double decker bus - yeah, like the ones in London. Thing is we were the only ones on the bus - on the top level!!! No one was driving it but it was moving. And get this - it was moving backwards!!!!

Yet, we both weren't concerned bout it at all!!!! instead, we were busy checking out the scenery outside. Now comes the other strange thing - it was obvious in the dream that we were in London, but thinking back, i'v never seen the place before. Yet, we were talking like we've been there before so many times and how different it looks now in spring compared wif when in winter.

The another bus appeared and just avoided colliding wif our bus... and it disappeared into a flood tunnel!!!! LOL!

Yet for all the weirdness, it felt so real! It din seem like a dream at all. You din seem like a dream at all. I could feel you, hear your voice... and even smell you! And it was so good just being wif ya again.

I'm goin to sleep soon... and i doubt i'll dream about you again. In some ways, i dun mind cuz its terrible waking up and realising that you are in fact thousands of miles away. But then again, since you are so far away, the closest i get to being wif you is only in my dreams.

Hope you have sweet dreams tonite. I had mine last nite!

Take care. God bless.
*Her very first single, released way back in 1986. She made major modifications and re-released it in 1998 - but the original sounds better. In my view, anyways!

It's Not Right but It's Okay* - Whitney Houston


is RACIST!!!! See here, here and here. Do you still wanna support such a racist?

How can a bank openly discriminates against legal firms based on racial grounds??? It's not right but in Malaysia, it's OK as the law in many cases discriminates on racial grounds. It only took the inteference of the Cabinet to stop such racist practice by that bank.


Article 160(2) of the Federal Constitution provides as follows:-

"Malay" means a person who professes the religion of Islam, habitually
speaks the Malay language, conforms to Malay custom and -

(a) was before Merdeka Day born in the Federation or in Singapore or born
of parents one of whom was born in the Federation or in Singapore, or was on
that day domiciled in the Federation or in Singapore;


(b) is the issue of such a person.

(Emphasis added)

Therefore if a Malay converts out of Islam, he loses his ethnicity!!!!!

How can one lose his/her ethnicity - stop being a Chinese or an Indian or a Scot or an Aussie - because of his/her theological beliefs??? It's not right, but in Malaysia (probably one of 2 countries in the whole world), it's OK when it comes to Malays because the Constitution allows it.

Well, the law may say it's OK, but it doesn't make it right - so it's not OK for me.

*Her 2nd single from her 4th album which went all the way to #1 in Billboard's Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart in 1999

Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Drowning* - Backstreet Boys

I'm drowning under the amount of work here!!!

Due to the events 2 weeks ago plus the many holidays last week coupled wif me catching the flu late last week, the work has been piling up. It din help when i had a couple of long lunches on work days too! On top of that, i've to prepare for a mock lecture this Friday on a subject which i studied more than 10 years ago!!!!

Having rejoined BSF, i now have my daily Bible Study homework to do. Plus i'm speaking at the BB Boys' School's CF this Friday too!

When it rains, it pours. How true.

i can't find the time to go watch Spiderman 3... plus the many episodes of House, Heroes, Judge John Deed and Smallville waiting for me at home! And it's a good thing i'm too broke to travel too.

Oh well... i guess it's payback time for all the months of slacking off!!! Still, in some perverse way, i'm enjoying it!

*Their only single from their Greatest Hits: Chapter 1 album

Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Analyse* - The Cranberries

To every general rule, there is an exception - how many of us have heard that being said?

I was just thinking about it - if we believe in the aforesaid maxim, we are in fact saying that there are general rules without exceptions!

Think about it...

The maxim itself is a general rule. In this general rule, it declares that there are exceptions to every general rule. Therefore, there should be an exception to this general rule too too! Therefore, one must conclude that the exception to the general rule that there are exceptions to every general rule is that there are certain general rules where there are no exceptions to!!!!!

Get it????? ;-P

I think too much at times...

*I believe this is the first single from their 5th album. I have this one on a compilation but i stopped buying thier albums after the 4th one. I loved the first 3 though - and this song is nice but they have never again reached the brilliance of Linger or Dreams.

Monday, 7 May 2007

The first time ever I saw your face* - George Michael

After almost a year of reading each other's blog, exchanging e-mails (including that odd snail mail once in a while), sending text messages, chatting on the phone, these two finally met!

However, there were no fireworks, time did not slow down, sparks did not fly, no angelic choirs were heard, there was no breaking out in song and dance. Yet, that was hardly surprising...

*I like his version of this old folk song which was arguably made famous by Roberta Flack who got it to #1 and won the Grammy for song of the year when i was only 1 year old.

Sunday, 6 May 2007

Superwoman* - Karyn White

Today is me mom's birthday.

Just wanted to pay tribute to someone who has shown me what true love is - the kind that never stops, the kind that never tires, the kind that goes on even stronger in face of adversity, discouragement and ungratefulness, the kind that i can only wish and hope to attain - even half of it would make me a much better person.

*The 2nd single from her debut album, it hit #1 on the U.S. Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks for 3 weeks way back in 1989

Friday, 4 May 2007

The point of no return* - Michael Crawford & Sarah Brightman

Down wif flu... *sniff, sniff... snort* (mind the mucus...)

Wonder if it had to do wif me being caught in the rain the other nite. Ambushed by the rain, to be precise!!!

It was blazing hot the whole day on Wednesday and i slept most of it. Woke up wif a headache and just wanted to get out of the house for some air. Decided to walk to the shops to buy bread. That was when i was ambushed!!!!

You see, it din look like it was gonna rain. And when it did start to drizzle, it was at the point when i was too far from home to turn back, yet not close enuf to the shops to get cover. So kena-la!!!!

Waited at the shops for the rain to subside. It did. Then, on the way back, it started to pour again. And yes, it was at the point when it was too far to turn back to the shops. Man, did it pour!!! And the winds were so strong. Me eyes actually stung from the rain and for the first time since i got back home, i shivered outdoors!!!!

The funny thing is that i felt fine yesterday. I actually went for a run last nite - felt good. Almost got attacked by a playful dalmation and i discovered a spot in USJ 2 where i could actually see the KL Tower and the Twin Towers!!!!

Maybe my body was weakened by the rain and the run was the straw that broke the camel's back.

Oh well... where's the tissue...

*The penultimate song from the brilliant musical, The Phantom of the Opera, the best musical i ever watched... altho not me favourite!!

Thursday, 3 May 2007

...Baby, one more time* - Britney Spears

From: mun onn
To: Alberto Stocco
Sent: Sunday, April 08, 2007 3:06 PM
Subject: Re: Inoltra: HAPPY EASTER

haha. nice photos! congrats. i'm sure u had a lot of fun!

p/s - there is strong possibility of a AC Milan v Liverpool champions league finals this year, dun u think? ;-)
take care, mate!

From: Alberto Stocco
To: mun onn
Sent: Thursday, April 12, 2007 7:58 AM

Subject: Champions league

Hi mate. Strong possibility of a AC Milan-Liverpool finals this year? Well, after last night's match I'm less anxious. Even if onwards it will be AC Milan vs. England! We have to avenge both AS Roma (what a shame!) and two years ago's finals! Unfortunately this AC Milan is less strong than a couple of years ago, but when it plays in Europe things go better than in the Italian Serie A.

Well, we'll see if your prediction is reliable. Hope so!

See you and take care!


From: mun onn
To: Alberto Stocco
Sent: Thursday, May 03, 2007 12:48 AM
Subject: Re: Champions league

hey, hahaha! congrats to milan! to be honest, i didnt think they could beat man utd - but to thrash them 3-0??? wow!

so history repeats itself. i'm sure milan would like to avenge itself and beat iverpool. the finals should be interesting.

too bad we wont be able to watch it together at the SU bar!!! hahaha.

hope all is well with you and work is fine.

take care. see ya later.

From: Alberto Stocco
To: mun onn

Sent: Thursday, May 03, 2007 8:18 AM

Subject: Re: Champions league

Hey, thanks thanks. So proud and happy!!! Great semifinals between AC Milan and Man U. Both matches. So you didn't expect that we could win? Well, AC Milan is a team of well-known champions, Man U of emerging champions. Of course the first ones passed. And we needed to come to the finals against Liverpool because we have something to show them. No doubt Manchester has better quality than Liverpool but the last one is tougher.

Yes, bad luck we can't see the finals together at the SU bar, but this time I WANT YOU TO SUPPORT AC MILAN!!!!

My job is going quite good, demanding but the busy season is nearly to an end (for this year). What about you? What have you found?

Ok mate, good luck with everything (not with everything actually, everything apart from football!!!)

Bye bye

Alberto and me! friends for life, foes on the 23rd of May 2007!!!

*Her debut single from her debut album which propelled her into instant stardom! And yes, i used to be a Britney Spears fan!!!!

Wake up and smell the coffee* - The Cranberries

But it took all of Mourinho's brass neck and some very thick blue-tinted spectacles to sit and declare - without any sign of his tongue drilling a hole in his cheek - that the best team lost and that Chelsea were truly deserving of a place in the Athens final.

Nonsense. Every word of it.

If Mourinho truly believed Chelsea were the stronger team, the team pressing inexorably for victory, the team throwing men forward at set pieces to secure the goal that would have made a final place certain, he kids no-one but himself.
(Read the full article here)

Well, everyone can bluff themselves. But no one can deny the facts - Liverpool had way more possession of the ball for most parts of the game and had more chances to score. They did score - twice!!!! And rattled the bar once. Enuf said.

Here're more pics taken from various UK news sites! :-) It was a brilliant nite - a classic European Night at Anfield. Great job to evryone - esp Kuyt who ran and ran and ran and ran (and deservedly scored the winning penalty), and Reina! What a nite! The way the Reds were so committed and the way the Anfield faithful kept on singing and singing and cheering (and booing!) was wonderful to behold!

*The title track of their 5th album, written by the lead singer, Delores

Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Heart attack* - Olivia Newton-John

Man, i came close to a cardiac arrest! Wif 15 mins of the match left, i could feel me heart pumping furiously, pounding against me chest. Me fingers and toes felt cold and i couldn't sit down.

i spent the remaining of the match - 15 mins plus added 30 mins and the penalties shoot-out - on me feet, pacing from one end of the hall to the other. Of course there were moments when i was leaping and jumping like a frog (like when Kuyt got the ball into Chelsea's goal during extra time) and others when i was curled up on the floor, whimpering and close to tears (when Kuyt's aforementioned goal was disallowed).

I really couldn't take it - after all, a goal from Chelsea would mean that Liverpool had to score 3 in total against them. So even when the Reds were up 1-0, Chelsea could afford to concede another goal and then score one and kick the Reds out (due to goal they scored in the first leg and the "away goal" rule).

But score they did not - and even during the penalties, they managed to convert only one.

Yes, Liverpool have beaten Chelsea - and this time round, the Blues have NO excuse - and will be in Athens on the 23rd of this month to play in the finals! As an ad in the local papers yesterday by Carlsberg proclaimed, "Never underestimate the Champions!".

Pics taken from various UK news websites - too bad none of the shoot-out hero, Pepe Reina!

What a nite!!!! Me only regret - besides not watching it in the SU Bar on UoE - is that papa wasn't around to watch the game wif me. :-(

*One of her 2 new songs found in her 1982 Greatest Hits collection which was also released as a single and reached #3 in the US Billboard Hot 100 charts.