Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Feels like home* - LeAnn Rimes

Finally, after close to 3 months since getting the keys to our house (see here). The path to actually getting to move in was just as rocky as the path to purchasing the house!!! But that journey has come to and end. It has been 2 months since we've moved in and we have settled in well. We are really thankful to God as we like the place very much!!!

But it is not perfect. If you look at the photo above, things look really nice! Take a closer look and you will see how shoddy the workmanship is for the renovation carried out. Things were done in a thoughless and careless manner. Our moving in was postponed many times - thank God we were allowed to extend the rental of our flat or else we would have been squatters for a couple of weeks. Promises made by our contractor was constantly and consistenly broken. He had also promised to provide a lorry and help to us when we had to move our stuffs in. On the fateful day, he told us he cannot do so - it was obvious that he could not finish the work at our house and hoped that by not providing the lorry, we will have to postpone our moving in again. But thank God again that we managed to make alternative arrangements and moved in - yeah, we were living there when the house was still a mess, workers carrying out their jobs. 

Even to this day, the work is not completed yet. He has promised to come to finish it up - and broken his promise many times too. To be honest, it was really frustrating at times. I got so mad whenever i see the shoddy work carried out in my house. It is such an embarassment. These people take absolutely NO pride in what they do. If they think they can get away with not doing something, they will try. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, eh? 

The longer i stayed there, the more i see the slip-shot manner they carried out the renovation. A classic example was this - they made a "manhole" in the ceiling so that one can go up above the ceiling and carry out repairs if needed. When the water filter people came to wash the water tank, they discovered that the manhole was cut in a place where it was impossible for anyone to go through it!!!! The person who cut the manhole just did it and did not care if it was fit for purpose. He must have surely realised it but did not bother at all. 

Sigh... Having said all that, it really feels good to have a place to call home. For Valentine's day, we decided to celebrate it at home - and it was probably better than any place that we could have gone to (and spent a bomb)!!! 

So sure, it may not be a perfect house - we noted that there could be termites too... - but it surely feels like a home to us. After all, it is not the building that makes a house a home. 

*Taken from her 3rd album. I really like her voice!

Thursday, 14 March 2013

With a little help from my friends* - The Beatles

I finally caught the newest trailer for Ironman 3!!!

So so good!!!!

I'm one of the few people that i know who is looking forward to this movie. A lot of me mates were disappointed with Ironman 2. To me, it wasn't as good as the first one, of course, but it was still good!!!

But this trailer only made me long even more for it!!!! If you want to know little details you can get from this trailer, you can read about it here.

This scene really got me excited too!!!! Back-up!!!!

*This song was written for their drummer who sang it! Ringo!!!

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Blame it on the rain* - Milli Vanilli

Went for a haircut. After it was done, i heard the thunder rumbling. I knew i had to rush to beat the rain. But i was too late. It had oredi started raining.

That meant i was trapped!!!

Well, it's not a bad thing, right? After all, it was a mall i was in - and i could wander around, checking things out, something that i have not had the chance to do for a while...

But yes, it *is* a bad thing! Wandering around could mean spending money too!!!!

And yes, i spent quite a bit. Well, according to my budget, anyways. Bought some books. =)

But they are books! And books are good, are they not?


Anyways, it was the fault of the rain...

*Their big hit - which was not sung by them! Still, it had a catchy tune! =)

Monday, 4 March 2013

Thank you* - Dido

I was just thinking about the account where Jesus healed 10 lepers. He told them to go and get themselves checked by the priests - they were the people who can official declare that they are healed. As they wemt, they were healed - but only 1 came back to thank Jesus.

To a small extent, i felt that way recently. 9 students were pestering me to sign their Certificate of Good Behaviour. I had to arrange with another colleague to bring it over to them as they were overseas.

Only 3 bothered to write back to me to let me know she received it and to thank me for it. The others - some who were communicating with me so regularly on this - got  their cert and remained quiet.

Sigh... not the first time, tho. As a lecturer, when the students need you to do something, they will be yr best frens at times - but when they have no need of you, you'll become the invisible man.

I guess this is a good reminder to me to always be grateful to the Lord and to others around me - and not to take them for granted. Sometimes, it is so easy to say a simple "thank you". And that simple gesture can mean so much. But it's the simple things that we forget most of the time...

Still, before you think all my students are an ungrateful lot, i must say that many of them have expressed their gratitude to me. Here are just some of the thank you notes that i have received which is pinned-up on my cubicle wall now.

*Her first big hit - and this song was first featured in the movie, "Sliding Doors".