Sunday, 25 May 2008

Mama* - Spice Girls

“...the fact that CG is the natural mother of these children in every sense of that term, while raising no presumption in her favour, is undoubtedly an important and significant factor in determining what will be best for them now and in the future.”
Baroness Hale in Re G (Children) (Residence: Same Sex Partner) [2006] UKHL 43

So there's no presumption? Jonathan Herring in his book, Family Law, opines that it is a 'presumption in all but name'. It does appear that while saying there is 'no presumption' raised, yet the natural mother does seem to be in a favoured position.

This matter came to mind when not too long ago, i watched the movie Gone Baby Gone. There will be SUPER SPOILERS ahead so if you do intend to watch it but have yet to do so, you may want to stop reading now.

Basically, the plot deals with a little girl who was abducted. She was abducted when her natural mother neglected her - she was busy taking drugs at that time!!!! A couple of private investigators were hired to look into the matter. To cut the long story short, they found the girl - she was actually taken by the chief of police!!!!

The chief and his wife were good people. They were taking good care of the girl. The girl was happy and in extremely good condition - much better than she had ever been. She was showered with love and attention and all good things. They did not want to return the girl because they knew who the natural mother was - a drug addict who couldn't care much about her own flesh and blood. Surely the little girl was in better hands - and have a much better future ahead of her!

Our lead character - one of the PIs - was faced with a dilemma. He knew the girl was in better care. But his moral fibre told him that it is not right! The child belongs to her mother. Who are we to judge whether a person is fit or not to be a mother? The law says that a child should be in the care of his/her natural parents.

He turned in the chief police and managed to get the child returned to her natural mother.

I din really think much of the movie - i was just waiting for it to end. But the ending made it rise up from a normal movie - to me, anyways. It just blew my mind. It has been a long long time since any movie did that to me - to raise an ethical or moral issue and challenges things which i hold on to strongly - and question it.

On the one hand, the PI did what was 'right'. No one has the right to take a child away from her parent. No one should be allowed the right to decide that they will make better parents. Imagine the kind of world we'll be in! No parent is perfect but this does not give anyone a right to take their child away!

But having watched the movie, i really did not want the child to be returned to her mother! I shudder to think of the kind of life she has, and the future in store for her. She could have had such a promising life. Now, with a druggie for a mom - who is more interested in having a good time herself than to take care of her child - what are the chances of her ending up the same? Or worse?

I guess the natural parent should have some presumption in law that they would make better parents - but this should not be inflexible. To every general rule, there is an exception. If there is evidence that the child's interest is not best served, then such presumption should amount to nothing.

That's my 2 sens anyways...

Ok, these days, 2 sens get rounded down so 2 sens are not worth anything anymore. So this is my 3 sens' worth!

*Their 4th single from their debut which went to the top of the charts in the UK back then.

Saturday, 24 May 2008

Perfectly clear* - Jewel

Gasp!!!! It was by accident that i found out while surfing that Jewel is releasing her new album NEXT MONTH!!!!! To be exact, on the 3rd of June!!!

She looks as good as ever, doesn't she?

Woohoo!!!! I'm so so excited!!!! :-)

UPDATED: Go here to listen to her new songs!!! Well, just short snippets but good enuf!

UPDATED FURTHER!!! Found this on Youtube. Dun know how long it'll be there! Enjoy!

*The title track of her next album!

Friday, 23 May 2008

Me and Mr. Jones* - Amy Winehouse

Me and Mr. Jones go a long, long way back! From the brilliant introduction of Raiders of the Lost Ark, the memorable watch of its sequel at Sentosa Cinema in section 17, and the highly entertaining 3rd installment, which i remember most recently watching it wif me dad on Astro.

And i'm so glad that Indy's back!!!! :-)

I've been waiting so long - and i must say that the wait was worth it! I watched Indiana Jones and Kingdom of the Crystal Skull today and i loved it. It literally rocked my world!!!

This is good old fashioned film-making and good old-fashioned fun and adventure! And it's Harrison Ford!!!! 65 years old? Who cares? He's still as good as ever!

I'm sure i'm biased in my raving about the movie. It's prolly not so good. But i guess it's just listening to the familiar theme song played again and again, seeing the fedora and the whip, having my breath taken away and seeing an old hero back on the screen again is just so satisfying!!!

There were a few brilliant scenes - most of it were nods to the older movies. Like when the 'ark' made a cameo appearance!! And of course we had to be reminded of Indy's fear of snakes - that scene was super priceless - had me in stitches and laughing out so loudly in the cinema! Brilliant! And the pleasant surprise was when a nod was made to none other than Star Wars!!! Just hearing Harrison Ford utter that classic Han Solo line in Indiana Jones' character was super! :-)

And just a tip - watch it in the THX cinema - it'll literally rock your world!!!!

Me and Mr. Jones in London

Now, please, can we have Indy 5? and 6?

I'm still humming the theme song.... Da-dum dum dum, da da dum...

*One of the tracks on her critically acclaimed album, Back to Black.

Saturday, 17 May 2008

What a girl wants* - Christina Aguilera

Was reading this post from Krissy's blog and found it entertaining. Checked it wif a fren who confirmed its accuracy! Most of it anyway! ;-)

Enjoy. Here's the link:-

30 things guys should know about girls

*Her second single from her debut album which was also her second no. 1 hit on Billboard Hot 100.

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Say it again* - Marié Digby

Song lyrics | Say It Again lyrics

*Her first single from her new album.

Sunday, 11 May 2008

Waiting for Wednesday* - Lisa Loeb & Nine Stories

Can't wait for this!!!! Hopefully, it won't be too jammed up coming back from the Parliament!

And the song which started it all (just to whet your appetite):-

*Track 10 from her brilliant debut album, Tails.

You give me something* - Marié Digby

You only stay with me in the morning
You only hold me when I sleep
I was meant to tread the water
But now I've gotten in too deep

For every piece of me that wants you
Another piece backs away

You give me something
That makes me scared alright
This could be nothing
But I'm willing to give it a try
Please give me something
Because someday I might know my heart
James Morrison & Eg White

*Her brilliant acoustic version of James Morrison's classic.

Friday, 9 May 2008

Suspended in time* - Olivia Newton John

"Mun thinks that invigilating is worse than watching paint dry!!"
(My FB profile status earlier today)

It was horrible!!! I was on campus before 7 am but the exams were from 2 - half 4. By 3:30 pm, i was dying in the exam hall!

We're not allowed to sit and not allowed to read. So we just walk around, stand around and watch the minutes go - very, extremely painfully slowly.

Initially, it wasn't so bad. I started them off and stood in front, eyeing them like an eagle. After wat seemed like an eternity, i glanced at the clock behind and to my horror, only 10 minutes had passed!!!!!

How bad was it? I was so glad whenever a guy wanted to go to the toilet - anything to get me out of the room!!!! And i was wishing that i could grab an answer book, take a seat and join them in taking the test!!!

But it wasn't really all bad. It was fun to watch them students! There was Jason** who reminded me of Linus from Peanuts! He had this little blue towel with him to wipe the sweat off his hands occasionally. There was Hannah** who kept on stroking her hair when she pauses to think wat to write next. Shona** would have her mouth slightly opened as she scribbles on the answer sheet.

And speaking of scribbling, Tom** and Ellen** were like racing with each other, writing furiously from the beginning to the end - while Ethan** was cool as ice, writing slowly and pausing elegantly to compose his thoughts.

Martin** rested his head on his hand from the start to end while Jenny** would take the sleeve of her sweater to cover her nose and mouth while thinking. Charlene would be peering thru the fringe of her hair (altho much later, she finally push it behind her ears) while Alison** would take little sips of water and keep it in her puffed cheeks for a long time, looking quite cute and ridiculous at the same time!

Yes, that's how bored i was - these little details were the only things which kept me going! And i've got 2 more of these kind of sessions to endure!!!!

*Taken from the movie Xanadu where she also acted in.
**Names of the students have been changed.

Thursday, 8 May 2008

Puppy love* - Donny Osmond

The TV commercial entitled Tan Hong Ming, conceptualised and directed by local advertising creative director and filmmaker Yasmin Ahmad, has won three awards (two gold and one bronze) at the 2008 International ANDY awards in New York.
Read the report here.

I really like this ad. It's so simple but yet, the message is so effective and clear - without having to explain it.

If you haven't seen it, here it is:-

*I'd always thought this was his song - i remember hearing him sing it when i was a wee little kid. But i found out recently that it was a remake of Paul Anka's classic released in 1960!!!

I want to hold your hand* - TV Carpio

Well, to me students who are complaining that there are no updates... ok, ok, to that ONE student. here is some signs of life!

I absolutely love this version - and the scene from the movie is brilliant too. And funny! Enjoy!

*Her remake of this classic which is featured in the soundtrack of the movie Across the Universe.

Thursday, 1 May 2008

Mad season* - Matchbox 20

Labour Day.

The year 2 students are labouring, alright - over their Land Law paper right at this very moment! Yes, today marks the first day of the exam period - the mad season!!! Yes, they do not have Labour Day in the UK (nor do they have Conservative Day!!!).

So that means we don't have Labour Day too!!! Altho i was labouring earlier setting up the exam hall!!! The people in charge did not set it up so we had to do it ourselves. Thank God we managed to do it on time.

Over the next couple of weeks, we'll be encountering sleep-deprived students, highly strung (due to the increased intake of nicotine and caffeine) and stressed out. In fact, we have been encountering them for the past week or two.

It's funny cuz i feel all stressed-up too! I can feel what they are going thru!!! Of course i know what they are going thru. But unlike the times when i had to sit for the exams meself, this time round, i dun enjoy the experience of the 3 hours in the exam hall taking on the challenge set forth by that piece of paper called the exam paper!

No, i'm not kidding. I used to enjoy exams. Yes, i was a nerd. Still am, i guess. Yes, i used to get stressed up too - but the moment the time starts ticking in the exam hall, everything just fades away and it's just this duel between me and the exam paper - and i'm given the opportunity to show what i've got! I loved it! :-)

Anyways, i really hope me students all do really well - i know how much they have worked.

*The title track and 3rd single of their second album.

How can we see that far?* - Amy Grant

We learn from our past, but we do not live in it.

We try our best for the future, but we are not bound by what has not taken place.

One day at a time. Make the best of what we have now.

Live life to its fullest. Carpe diem. And other
clichés ... ;-P

*Track 10 from her album, Heart in Motion.