Monday, 29 April 2013

I saw her standing there* - The Beatles

 I saw her the other day. I shouldn't have been surprised about it but i was not prepared for it.

I must say that she looked really good! And i have to admit that she looks much better than when she was with me.

I guess i could have taken better care of her when she was with me. But i must say that she was expensive to maintain - and truth be told, i din think that she was worth it.

The incident did bring back memories of the time we spent together. Since 2007!!! The first long trip we took was to Penang. We also went to the east coast together, just the two of us.

But she's with someone else now - Sam. And he's taking real good care of her. I joked with him that i would like to have her back!!! Sam said that he would take good care of her and make sure she look good. Well, i'm happy for her! 

I have another car now but she, the purple Wira will always have a special place in my heart.

*Apparently, this song was originally titled "Seventeen"! Love this song. But then again, it's the Beatles! What is there to not love about their songs?

Sunday, 28 April 2013

The final countdown* - Europe

This is it! According to the doctors, it can happen anytime now!!! 

There is about 2 more weeks before the due date - but who knows? She may want to enter this world sooner. Maybe she want to expereince the GE13!!! Maybe she wants her mommie to have a special Mother's Day and be able to celebrate it this year and not next. 

 We've been so busy so i guess it really have not sunk in yet. Not to its full extent. It helped when the doctor started explaning the beginning of the end - what the wife will be going thru and what we will have to do. Truth be told, it all seems a little surreal at the moment. But the "sur" will be evaporating soon! Anytime now... 

The place where it all ends - and where it will begin...
*Aruguably their most popular song with the so familiar sythe intro.

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

This used to be my playground* - Madonna

This is brilliant! And it moved me to tears...

*Featured in the movie, A League of Their Own, this is one of my fav songs of hers.

Friday, 19 April 2013

Everything changes* - Take That

Ladies and gentlemen, this is my 1000th post in this blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Since 11112006. Almost 6 and a half years... 

Well, that's not a lot of posts. But this is a milestone of some sorts.

I know that if i just go and read the old posts, i will be transported back to those days. I will be brought back to Essex, to Barking, to London, to the life back then. I will feel the joy and taste the bitterness, i will ache again and cry once more.

I may not understand everything i have written. I will probably not feel the same way as i felt last time. I would laugh at myself for the kind of things that had happened and the the type of thoughts i was having.

Well, that *is* to be expected. Things change. People change. The only thing that is constant is the fact that everything changes.

In my post on my other blog, i talked about the changes in my life these past few months (see here). But do i regret anything? To be honest, there are some stupid things that i wished i did not do, some words which i should not have said, some people whom i should not have hurt...

But in spite of that, i am gald of the other things that have happened, the people whom i have met in these past few years, the places i have been. I am glad of the happiness i have experienced - and even the pain and the hurt i had to go thru. That's because i am who i am now because of all i have gone thru. I am who i am now because of the influence that the people around me have had on me. And i am in a place where i am thankful and i rejoice in everything the good Lord has blessed me with.

Yes, the song goes "everything changes but you...". And i can truly testify that in spite of the fact that status quo cannot be maintained forever, God will be the same - yesterday, today and forever. And that gives me hope to carry on.

Before i end my 1000th post, i just wanna say that things are going to change even more in these coming months! Yes, someone is coming into my life soon - and my life will never be the same anymore. And regarding this change - well, lemme quote Heidi Murkoff from her book, "What to expect - the first year":-

"It helps to keep in mind that change, while always challenging, can be exciting too. Though there's no doubt that it will be - in so many ways - richer and better than ever."

*The title track of their album which never fails to bring me back to London in 1994!