Sunday, 22 November 2015

Breathless* - The Corrs

What a wonderful night of football!!! The teams i supported in the English Premier League and the Spanish La Liga both won. They both won away from home. They both won against very good opposition. They both won convincingly. They both won by scoring 4 goals!!!!

Yes, Liverpool FC beat last year's runner-up (and the previous year's Champions) Manchester City while Barcelona beat their arch rivals, Real Madrid (also last year's runner-up).

For Liverpool, this should give them confidence as they have previously beaten last year's Champions, Chelsea, 3-1 away from home too.

For Barcelona, this meant that they go 6 points clear at the top of the table!!!

More importantly to me was the manner at how the games were won.

Barca played so well, with great class, a brilliant blend of individual skill and wonderful team-work. Slick passing leading to precise finishing. Luis Suarez bagging 2 - the first and the last.

Don't forget their goalie who made numerous wonderful saves to prevent Real from breaking the duck. Bravo to Bravo!!!

It was almost cruel when Messi was brought in as a substitute when Barca was leading 3-0!!!

But when i watched Liverpool play, it was more than joy. It was joy and excitement. The players were playing their hearts out, running until they were suffering cramps close to the end of the game, harassing the City players all the time that they could hardly play their own game, closing down the City players, chasing after every ball, playing with confidence - which led to accuracy.

I cannot remember when it was that i enjoyed watching Liverpool play.

Actually, i do. It was when Suarez was playing for Liverpool. That seems like so long ago.

I had resigned myself to a boring game (maybe even heart-breaking) and hoped that Barcelona (who were playing around the same time - starting 15 minutes earlier) would have given me some comfort and consolation - if they could beat Real at home. Well, Barca did keep me entertained with their stylish football - but it was Liverpool who just left me breathless.

I wished i could have watched both games but in the end, i chose to watch Liverpool. Maybe it's because i've been a Liverpool fan much longer than Barcelona.

This is a glimpse of things of to come. If only they can play like this week in week out - playing with all their hearts, chasing after every ball, passing accurate and confidently, without any fear or inhibitions. As my colleague said, we may rename the Kop End of Anfield to the Klopp End!!!! Why not - if we keep on Klopp-ering every team?

*Considered to be their signature hit after topping the charts all over the world including Spain and the UK.