Sunday, 29 April 2007

Red light special* - TLC

Mention Amsterdam and most people will think of the Red Light District. It's such a shame cuz Amsterdam has got so much more to offer!!!

Sure, the Red Light District is a must see attraction there (i lived there when i visited the city - in a Christian Hostel) - but it's just one of the many things to see. Just walking around the city is a wonderful experience, seeing the tall, narrow (and sometimes crooked) buildings huddling close together, taking a boat ride in the many canals, paying a visit to Anne Franks' house - and be touched and moved by a powerful experience, taking a train out to the country side and see the windmills, go to the flower market, visit the museums (the 10 euro price tag for Van Gogh's museum is worth it!), check out the many little stores wif interesting wares, etc.

I'll be away for a couple of days so i'll leave ya with some pics to enjoy!!! Yes, i've finally got all me pics compiled together (took me half a year!!!!) and you can check them out in me Picassa Web Album.

Here's a collage of the red light district at nite and the many canals to whet your appetite!

Oh, and did i mention that everyone cycles there? Bicycles everywhere!!!!! When you cross the road, dun worry about the trams and cars - keep an eye out for the biicycles!!!

p/s - France pics will prolly take another 6 months to get them ready...

*Their second single from their second album (CrazySexyCool) which peaked at #2 in the Billboard Hot 100 chart way back in 1995. CrazySexyCool won a Grammy the year later for Best R&B Album.

Friday, 27 April 2007

1,000 miles away* - Jewel

The distance from Beijing to London is slightly more than 5,000 miles away - and i won't be exaggerating if i say that the distance of the level of mathematics taught in both places is a thousand miles away!!! Compare these following math problems - for the Uni entry level in China and for 1st Year Uni students in the UK:-

Source: BBC News Online - see here

*The last song from prolly her last studio album with Atlantic Records

Thursday, 26 April 2007

When There Was Me And You - Vanessa Anne Hudgens

Last nite, with loads of differing sized cushions, me desktop PC and a badly scratched High School Musical DVD, the lights were turned down and me room was transformed into a mini cinema for me and and me mephew and niece!

Here is one of the songs from the movie:-

And yes, I'm a fan (unlike some people who are only closet-fans)!!!

Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Don't forget to remember* - Bee Gees

Text message received on 23rd April 2007, 17:27 hours

I just heard n have been contemplating how 2 say this.. call/sms/email.. I’m so sorry. i didn’t even know that he was in such a serious condition.. i feel so far away, further than when u were in the uk. :( But, the thing that came to my mind is, i remember the day when you sent me that sms saying how overjoyed u were cause your prayers came true after so many years..i remember i felt your joy and how important that day was. So, although now you cant, dont forget to remember that happy day. And how that day has altered the meaning of today..its not the end. Just a 'see you later'...

I won't forget. I remember. Thanks for the reminder.

*A single released in the fall of 1969, din do too well in the US but was a hit in the UK, NZ and a few other European countries.

You are not alone* - Michael Jackson

I can't remember receiving so many text messages in one day - even more than those received on Christmases and New Years. As i rushed about in the heavy traffic on Monday evening trying to get to The Star, me mobile kept on disturbing me, telling me that i have to delete some messages as me mailbox is full.

I'm so touched by all the support and comfort given by you all in this difficult time - the text messages from mates all over the land plus those from overseas (yes, S'pore is overseas, isn't it? Sarawak is over the South China Sea) and from some people whom i have not heard for a long time, the e-mails, the calls, the presence - esp from someone who took leave and travelled from outstation by public transportation just to lend his support!

I am reminded that i am not alone - and i am thankful to God for all of you!

*Written by R. Kelly, this was the first song to debut at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100

Tuesday, 24 April 2007

The day after tomorrow* - Take That

That's when the real test starts...

*The last song on their 3rd album, a nice ballad that is not very well known.

Monday, 23 April 2007

Superman* - Five For Fighting

I took the Superhero personality test!!! (thanks to Jonathan)

Your results:
You are Superman

You are mild-mannered, good,
strong and you love to help others.

Click here to take the Superhero Personality Quiz

Well, i thought i'd be Spidey (who came in a close 2nd - both were 80%) but i guess it must have been my love for a cape which tilt the scales!!!!

p/s - As for super villian, I am Mystique! :-)

*The debut single released in 2001 making the singer an instantly recognisable artiste. His real name is John Ondrasik - yeah, Five For Fighting (which is the phrase used in ice-hockey when players are sent out for 5 minutes for fighting) sounds much nicer!!!

Sunday, 22 April 2007

Homeward bound* - Simon and Garfunkel

Just hang on for a while longer - you'll be home soon.

I'll join you shortly. Still got some stuffs to do here...

*Written by Paul at the Widnes railway station describing his longing to return to his home in Essex.

Saturday, 21 April 2007

For the first time* - Kenny Loggins

No one would give the view outside the 5th floor window a second look, let alone be mesmerised by it. No one except me nephew!

He excitedly pulled me away from the ward saying he had something he wanted me to see. I followed him to the lift lobby and looked out the window with anticipation - and i was puzzled. It was dark outside and all one could see was the construction site directly next to the hospital. Yet, that was exactly wat he was talking about!

Dirt all over, pillars sticking out of the ground, a sky lift and two huge cranes, the floor of the first floor partially completed, a few construction workers in their hard helmets putting in the overtime working under the help of the spotlights.

Nothing interesting let alone spectacular. But it got him so excited! Yeah, he's a big Bob the Builder fan! And he was so intrigued by wat was going on. "What are they doing? Why are they putting the sand there? What is the sand for? Why is he cutting the wood? How are they going to pour the sand in? Will it make a loud noise?"

Question after question came faster than bullets from Rambo's M60. And the more he asked, the more intrigued i became too! Yes, why were they doing that? And how are they going to do that? What was that for? I thought hard and answered me nephew the best i could - altho, after a while, i wondered if i was answering to satisfy his curiosity or mine!

Then the crane operator started the huge machine - and i gave a running commentary on what was happening! Hey, i lived wif a crane outside me window for months (see here) so i guess i'm kinda an expert!!! ;-)

Before we knew it, his parents came and announced that it was time to go home. He protested - in vain - that he wanted to stay on wif me to watch! :-)

Even now, when i walk over to the lift lobby and glance out the window, i'm reminded of the wide-eyed amazement me nephew had when he looked outside. And i think to meself how we can learn so much from a child's eyes. I mean, wif the crazy hectic pace life goes these days, we never really take the time to be fascinated by simple things around us - simple in the sense that it's everywhere - but if we stop to look and think, we'll be surprised at the wonder that can fill us. It may be a wonder of God's creation - or it may be wonder of science (which is also created by God) or man's creativity (which is a reflection of his creator).

Don't take me word for it. Try it. Literally take the time to stop to smell the roses. Take time to really look at something - like you're looking at it for the first time, with a child's eyes.

It'll be such a tragedy if we are too busy living life to enjoy it!

p/s - anyone caught a sight of the glorious sunset yesterday after the heavy showers? It literally took me breath away! Too bad me camera is still wif someone *ahem* so that moment is lost forever except in me memory.

*This song which was featured in George Clooney's One Fine Day, hit #1 of the Adult Contemporary chart in 1997

Friday, 20 April 2007

Complicated* - Avril Lavigne

Over coffee not too long ago...

"You did that just to push her away from you - you know that!", i confronted him head on.

"Wha..? What you talking about?", he replies with that doe-eyed innocent look.

"Don't kid yourself - you know what you did. I just wanna know why
you did that"

Further protestations of innocence were waved away by me. Finally, a crack begins to appear in his armour...

"I dun know la. Maybe i did that... maybe you are
right... but why does it matter anyway?"

does it matter? You pushed away this person whom you were absolutely crazy about just months ago!"

"Ah... but a lot of things have happened since then..."

"Like what?"

"For a start, like how she has changed."

"C'mon, mate.
Everyone changes! Everybody's changing." I fought off the urge to break out into Keane's song and instead waited for his explanation.

"I know. But her change is in her direction in life."

"Whoa. Deep..."

"Well, so as to not tax your puny mind, lemme just say that wif her recent decision, she is moving in a direction that is
opposite from where i'm heading."

I took a moment...

"But you dun
know wat's gonna happen, rite? You may change yr direction. She may change hers..."

"So i shall carry on in limbo? In uncertainty? Why should i work on something knowing that if
status quo
remains, it won't work out?"

"Take the plunge, man. Isn't it worth the risk?"

? You know me. I'm dead set on my direction."

"But she may... "

"Look - let me put it in very few words..."

"That'll be a first... ok, ok. Go on."

"She was heading in the same 'direction' as i was. Then now, she has made a 180 degrees turn. It doesn't seem likely that someone who has made such a drastic change would change back."

As i thought over the words i wanted to say, he took advantage of the prolonged silence to change the subject.

"In any event, the way she's changed... it's scary..."

"Try me - i've had my share of scary experiences in the past",
i challenged him.

"Haha! oh yes you did! Woo hoo! Hehehehe..." His laughter tapered off at the sight of my no nonsense expression. He sobered up.
"I kid you not - she has changed into a totally different person - from one extreme to another. Like.... like..... erm..... for example, a Buddhist vegetarian monk living in seclusion to a publicity seeker who eats Burger King everyday!!!!"

"So you were in love with the monk but not to this obese Paris Hilton type person".

NO... *tsk* You know
what i mean".

He continues,
"And that's not the only way that she scares me..."

"She cooked your rabbit too?"

, he laughs sardonically.
"Do you wanna listen or n.."

"Ok, ok. I take back the bunny joke. Go on."

"Well, it's how she can be in denial about things!"
He carried on in response to my quizzical look.
"When i first got to know her, she told me she was single. Much later, i realised that she was in fact going out wif that guy!!!!! And worse of all, she refused to admit it then".

"What happened to them?"

"They broke up - and i got that news straight from the horses' mouth!"

told you???" i asked incredulously.

"No - she blogged about it!"


"Blogged about it! I kid you not!"

A moment passed as i try to swallow what i just heard. He continues,
"Now how can you break up unless you were going together first! Simple math. She lied to me."

"She prolly was lying to herself too. You know how
women are..."

"Oooo. Someone is suddenly an expert!"

I ignored that statement. "But now that she has finally admitted to the whole wide world, at least she is being very honest. And very
single! Maybe she broke up because of you..."

"Yeah, rite"

"...but dun you think you can give her a chance now?"

"Trust me, i tried to... at least i wanted to...".

i probed

"I dun know. Maybe deep down inside, i know it can work... but i dun
want it to."

"Run that by me again!??! Never mind. Just answer this - do you love her???"

"I dun..."

"Aarrgghh..... i dun wanna hear that!!!" I mockingly held me hands to me ears. "I thought you were in
love wif that girl!

He persisted, "Maybe i am
in love wif her... but i dun love her."

My mouth fell opened.
"Fren, you are complicated..."

"Yeah - look who's talking!!!"

And just like how the conversation started, it ended with one party giving a wide-eyed innocent look and the other not buying it at all. Except that the roles this time were reversed.

*Her absolutely brilliant first single, released in 2002 and making us all sit up and know her name.

Thursday, 19 April 2007

On the street where you live* - Bill Shirley

I have often walked down this street before;
But the pavement always stayed beneath my feet before.
All at once am I several stories high.
Knowing I'm on the street where you live.
Are there lilac trees in the heart of town?
Can you hear a lark in any other part of town?
Does enchantment pour out of ev'ry door?
No, it's just on the street where you live!
And oh! The towering feeling
Just to know somehow you are near.
The overpowering feeling
That any second you may suddenly appear!
People stop and stare. They don't bother me.
For there's no where else on earth that I would rather be.
Let the time go by, I won't care if I
Can be here on the street where you live.

*The song sung by Jeremy Brett's character, Freddy, in the movie version of My Fair Lady, it was Mr. Shirley's voice that they used to dub over in the movie. yes, i'm all excited bout the musical being performed in KL next month! Anyone interested to go? Lemme know!

Sunday, 15 April 2007

Honesty* - Billy Joel

"Hey, boy. You dropped your RM1 (around 70 pence) note on the floor. Pick it up", this auntie said to me nephew the other day while he waited for his mom to pick him up.

"It's not mine", he replied politely, not wanting to pick it up.

"Oh. Well, take it anyway".

"My mother told me never to take things which are not mine", he protested.

"Never mind, boy. Pick it up, la. Take it and keep it", she insisted.

Being the obedient little fella, he went over to pick up the little blue note from the ground.

The minute she left him alone, he dropped the note back on the ground where he picked it up from.

When asked later why he did that, he simply replied that it was not right for him to take money which doesn't belong to him!!!!

You may think what you want about him - but i'm one proud uncle when i heard that!

*One of his hit songs on his album, 52nd Street which was his first #1 album. This was also one of his many songs he performed for free in Rome last year on the 31st July. Wish i was there!!!

Saturday, 14 April 2007

Yesterday once more* - The Carpenters

Wow - talk about a blast from the past!!!!

Me stuffs from London arrived yesterday - 2 huge boxes. I really have a knack of accumulating loads of stuffs!!!

I made time today to unpack the boxes. Going thru all the stuffs was like being transported back in time - there were just so many things which brought back wonderful memories!!!! Postcards from me trips to Edinburgh (see here, here and here) and Wales, me uniform and name tag from work on campus, me doc marts, me first cup of coffee in UK, things from me trip to Paris and Liverpool, me frisbee, the shopping list for Di's birthday do, signs from the toilet, me toys - William Wallace, Nessie and Darth Vader, the LoTR DVD which we watched for one of our many movie nites, posters from me room, the free green band given during fresher's week, tickets to me first musical and to the concert at the Royal Albert Hall, Wimbledon stuffs, Cochester Zoo guide, flyers of the musicals i watched in my final week in London...

Taking a walk down memory lane reminded me how blessed i've been - and i'm grateful.

Winter must be cold for those with no warm memories
Deborah Kerr in An Affair To Remember (referred to in Sleepless in Seattle!)

*Who doesn't know this wonderful oldie but goldie? Such a wonderful song - from their 1973 album, Now & Then.

Friday, 13 April 2007

Fairytale* - Amy Grant


How have you been? It has been a while! Hope things are simply brilliant with you!

Do you like fairy-tales? Everyone likes them, dun they? Been wanting to tell you about this movie i caught not too long ago - erm... there are some spoilers that i'm gonna be revealing - so be warned! :-)

The movie is Pan's Labyrinth. I've been wanting to watch since it was released in London months ago, but never had the chance. yeah, one of the many "unfinished business" when i left in a hurry. But at least i managed to "finish" it by catching it a couple of weeks ago.

It was almost like i wasn't meant to watch it - after missing out on countless opportunities in the UK (i even had a free movie ticket pass which i din use), i walked into the cinema here in M'sia. After a while, the lights went off and i got meself ready. But something wasn't right. As this girl behind me correctly pointed out to her boyfren, it appeared that the lights went off due to a power cut - cuz the emergency lights are on. Yes, she was right, and yes, i din get to watch it that day. The electricity never came back.

Still, i persisted and caught it 2 days later - and it was so so worth it!!!!! What a truly wonderful tale. Yes, it's a fairy tale - but not one for kids!!!! The violence even rattled me (tho not as violent as 300 - but that's another story altogether).

It's the storyline that caught me - wat a wonderful story teller Guillermor Del Toro is!!!! It reminded me a little of how i felt watching Spirited Away.

Me mate din like it very much cuz he said that it was too sad. yeah, it was, but it had a happy ending! Or so i hope it to be!!!

You see, me mate argued that the whole thing - the fairies, the other world, the creatures, etc. - are all in the girl's imagination. It was never true. And she died believing in a fantasy.

Whoa... i did not see that when i watched it. Maybe i willed it to have a happy ending. I wanted so much for one - altho i confess i used to dislike movies wif candy-sweet happy endings. So un-real. But wif so much reality in the world - well, it's all reality, ain't it? - one would like some fantasy feel good ending once in a while.

Still, i understood me mate's point and as much as i mentally agreed with him on the possibility of such a sad ending, i simply refused to. I've got me happy ending - let me enjoy it!

Anyways, do catch it if you can - and lemme know if you think it was all real or otherwise.

If anything, go watch it for the performance of Ivana Baquero. Actually, she's the main reason why i'm writing to you about this movie - she reminds me so much of you, albeit a much younger version of course!

Take care - and here's hoping you'll get a fairy tale ending in watever u r doing now. At least then one of us would!

i hope to see ya soon?

p/s - poster obtained from the Official website of Pan's Labyrinth here.

*Taken from her 2nd album, My Father's Eyes which was the turning point of her career. i remember how we used to be crazy over that album, the wonderful lyrics of the songs, her voice, the great bass lines!

It's over* - Lisa Loeb & The Nine Stories

It's 1 pm (GMT+8) on Friday the 13, 2007. That's significant - no, it's not that i'm superstitious. It's just that there's no turning back now - unless someone offers me a lift on their private jet to fly down to Singapore. But even then, we dun have a video to submit and the stupid complicated form remains un-filled.

Yup folks, Jess and I won't be winning... erm, i mean joining The Amazing Race, Asia this year. Thanks to those who were giving their support and encouragement - and even spent time to help us out! Sori. :-(

This year would have been perfect for me - not having a proper permanent job yet and still in good physical shape (not gonna last long, trust me!!! Not wif all the late nite suppers...).

Being the drama queen (and king) we are, we would like to say that the universe conspired to make sure we won't win it this year! Or maybe it's conspiring so that we'll win it next year.... hmmm....

Its a combination of many things - and the fact that i'm such a procrastinator din help at all! I just started work beginning this month and since i've committed to take the public transport, i'm been physically tired lately. Then there were the video cam which din work and the downloaded convertor which did not convert. The fact that they extended the dateline for submission only made it worse as we were given the impression that we had all the time we needed!

And there was the Easter drama which we were involved in. Yeah, blame it on the drama... ;-P It would be apt, tho, since our drama was titled "So near, yet so far"!!!!! Lol!

Oh well... next year, k? I promise i'll get the video ready 2 weeks before submission date!

*The first song on her brilliant album, Tails

Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Who's that guy?* - The cast of Grease 2

Here's something a mate shared wif me - and almost left me rolling on the floor, laughing!

*Taken from the soundtrack of the lessor known sequel to the brilliant Grease!

Take a bow* - Madonna

I must say that it felt good to be on the stage again. If i have any complaints, it would be that me monologue ended too quickly!!!

It was short enuf b4 we decided to even shorten it so as to keep the suspense and not let the cat out of the bag too soon - altho most if not all in the audience oredi knew the ending. It was after all, an Easter drama - so the fact that Christ rose from the dead is as surprising as the ship sinking at the end of Titanic!!!

I've always turn to the stage as an avenue to escape - to be someone else, live in another world, have new frens, go thru troubles which only lasts until the curtains fall...

But this time round, it was harder to leave meself and take on the role. It was really obvious in the first few practices, when me character suddenly seemed frustrated and insecure. I became so self-conscious and even had some stage-fright.

And it was only the second time i'm doing a monologue. I miss the interaction between actors on stage, experiencing the chemistry with fellow cast members.

Still, it was good fun in the end - and more importantly, it was all about him!

Yeah, it was nice to be on stage again, and to take a bow - not in gratitude to the audience, but in worship to our Lord. It is he who gives us our abilities and talents and we use it for his glory. Having fun during the practices (and the long suppers after that) and while doing it are just the perks! :-)

p/s - check out some pics i took during our final practice here. The pic above is that of Mun - no, not me, i'm not the only Mun around - as she puts on her make-up last Sunday!!!

*One of my fav songs of hers. It stayed at the no. 1 spot in the US for 7 weeks, the song is considered by some to be her best vocal performance.

Sunday, 8 April 2007

I'm alive* - Electric Light Orchestra

He is not here; he has risen, just as he said.
Matthew 28v6

"Where, O death, is your victory? Where, O death, is your sting?"

p/s - pic taken at Brompton Cemetary last summer

*The song that was featured in the opening sequence of the movie, Xanadu

Saturday, 7 April 2007

Alone* - Carrie Underwood

Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachthani?

p/s - photo taken from the V&A Museum last summer

*She performed this during AI4. This was actually the group Heart's biggest hit.

Thursday, 5 April 2007

In the garden* - Michael Card

Trembling with fear, alone in the garden
Battle before the final war
Blood became tears, there in the garden
To fall upon the silent stones
There in the darkness
The light
and the darkness stood still
Two choices, one tortured will
And there, once the choice had been made
All the world could be saved by the One in the garden

The light of the dawn, was seen in the garden
By gentle eyes so sadly wise
The angels appear, they come to the garden
Clothed with sighs, they realise
The One they've adored from the start
Will be broken apart
By the ones he had come to save
So they're here simply now to be near
He's no longer alone, they sit by him and moan

Words by Michael Card

*Taken from his brilliant album, "Known by the scars", which contains songs retelling the events of the Holy Week. This song catches the emotions at the Garden of Gethsemane, with the poetic lyrics and wonderful musical accompaniment which includes a cello and a harp.

Perfect* - Simple Plan

"Wow, you've got all As! That's very good!", i told me nephew after browsing thru his report card.

He replied in a sad voice, "But i did not get 100 marks for anything..."!!!

Wha..??? I tried to reassure him that it did not matter but he din seem to buy it.

I learnt later that there was this girl who did score a 100% - i'm not sure for how many subjects. I find it sad that even at such a young age, the pressure to be perfect - not just good or hard-working - is oredi there!!!

But i realised just now that i'm prolly just as bad. I received the marks for me TESOL foundation examination and i scored a 95%. Truth be told, i was disappointed at not getting full marks!!! I only missed out on 2 questions...

I dun deny that i used to have this perfectionist tendencies in the past - but i've been trying to let it go as it brought me much unhappiness. Since no one can be perfect, everyone will disappoint me - including meself. Especially meself!!!

I am trying hard but sometimes i still become that perfectionist that everyone hates.

Oh well... What can i say? Nobody's perfect! ;-)


I just read this and had to add it to this post. According to
this news report, bowel pain is linked to perfectionism!!!!!! How interesting! That explains why i constant exhibit symptoms like diarrhoea, constipation, abdominal pain and bloating. Another reason to stop being a perfectionist!

*Their biggest hit on Billboard Hot 100, a song regarded by some as Simple Plan's "signature song".

Come on over* - Olivia Newton John

The flyer speaks for itself. If you can make it, do come over! :-)

Oh, the speaker - Andrew Cowell - is a brilliant and gifted speaker. Dun miss the chance to listen to him.

Do contact me if you have any queries.

*The title song of her album released way back in 1976, it was written by Barry Gibb and Robin Gibb of the Bee Gees.

Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Home* - Michael Bublé

It had been two weeks and as instructed, i checked online for the status of my MyKad (Malaysian Identity Card) application. I typed in my card number and i'm informed that they have received no such application!!!!!!!


I go around Penang Island, looking for a bed in any hostel to crash in. "How much are your dorm beds?" "Where are you from?" "KL", i replied. "Sorry, locals are not allowed inside the dorms. You have to take a single room". This happened over and over again!!!! Reverse discrimination???


I write in to the Human Rights Commission to enquire if there are any vacancies. I send the mail to their general e-mail address. The mail gets returned with a message that the mailbox is full!!!!! What if i had a real human rights issue???


On the way back from Penang, i stopped by the Tapah reststop to buy some seedless guavas. The chinese lady there gave me a good offer and i went off, happy. Upon reaching back, me mom opened the plastic bag and found that most of the guavas were in fact seeded!!!!


I approached this man who was browsing thru the materials at the stall i was working at in the British Council Education Fair. "Can i help you, sir?" He pulled me off to one side and then started to sell me this herbal product from the States!!!!!!


Apparently (to be confirmed), according to Chinese newspapers, a lady was stopped one night by some policemen because her number plate on her car was cracked. Fearing for her own safety, she demanded first that they show her their police identity card. She was immediately hauled back to the station and locked-up for one nite!!!!


The government has taken some positive steps to ensure transparency during the next elections. They will provide translucent ballot boxes!!!!!!!!!


Ok, altogether now - WHAT THE.....?????????????

Sigh... it's true when they say that there's no place like home!!!

Oh well... this is home and i guess i just have to make the best of it!

I must say tho that home is a wonderful tourist destination (if you can disregard the condition of the public toilets!!!). I've been around in M'cca and Penang in recent weeks and i thoroughly enjoyed it as a tourist! We do indeed have a rich culture - and the fact that we M'sians consist of 3 major races (altho not equal in rights) adds colour to our land. Look at this photo i took in Penang - where else can you find a street decorated with Chinese lanterns that ends with a Mosque?

Anyways, here's me small part to the Visit Malaysia 2007 campaign - i've set up a blog (in the very patriotic colours of red, white, blue and yellow) of photos of touristy sights in Malaysia. Here's a collage of my first post of pics taken at KLCC to whet your appetite!

Check out the blog here. I hope i have the time to update the blog on a weekly basis! Coming soon are me pics taken in Penang recently!

* Hit single from his 2nd studio album, it won the Juno Award for Single of the Year in 2006

Monday, 2 April 2007

Relax* - Frankie Goes To Hollywood

It's Monday and i'm oredi feeling exhausted!!!! I foresee next Monday to be the same - or prolly i'll be feeling even more tired then!!!!

In some ways, i miss my weekends in the UK!!!! Weekends in the UK is how IMHO God wanted us to spend it - by resting and relaxing!!!! :-) OK, OK - i know God only set aside one day....

Me weekends in the UK will start on Friday evenings - free Japanese movies screened by the Japanese society. The movies are all top class features. Thereafter, back to the flats for dinner. If there's no one to chat wif, then it's back to me room to blog, surf the net and watch Buffy or another movie! :-)

Then i'll sleep all the way til lunch time on Saturday. When me flatmates see me amble into the kitchen bleary-eyes at 2 pm, they'd all wish me "Good morning"!!!! After fixing a quick breakfast - or to be more accurate, lunch - i'd be back in me room, first to chat wif me family and then for me weekly conference wif me mates - one in Sheffield, one in the States and one in M'sia. That was the best time since it'll be early in the morning in the US while it's late at nite in M'sia. After a hours of chatting and playing online games, it'll be time for me jog and then dinner! :-)

After another nite of watching movies or reading me Grisham books or more blogging, it'll be sleeping time again. Next morning - attending the morning service til lunch time. Walking to church is so pleasant!! Sometimes, someone will walk back wif me. Then back home, lunch, and off to the SU Bar to catch the live Sunday games there.

Back home, jog, dinner and finally, i'll start worrying about the reading i have to do before classes on Monday!!!!

I'll be really recharged and ready for the week ahead!

However, back home now, i'm reminded how the weekends are usually more tiring than the weekdays, wif so many activities. Last weekend started off wif a mandarin class early in the morning. I also had a mate from East M'sia over so all of us (ex-UEL mates) met up together for some wonderful banana-leave Indaian rice for lunch plus loads of cups of teh tarik and hours of catching up. We had a great time. :-)

Thereafter, to church for drama practice - yes, i missed the Liverpool-Arsenal game. After drama prac, i had to do some late nite shopping for me mom - promised to do it after Mandarin classes in the morn but it was so jammed packed and no parking then!!!!

Next morn had to attend service - unlike in the UK where it starts at 11, it starts at half 8!!!! And unlike the 1 hour service in the UK, our service is usually slightly more than 2 hours!!!!! On top of that, we had a special speaker yesterday (see here) and i had to rush home and pick up me parents and back again to listen to Tony Anthony. His sharing was brilliant but the meeting ran for another 2 hours!!!!!

After lunch, went back for an afternoon nap before back in church again for drama prac - hey, Easter is approaching!!!! After prac, went out for one last supper wif me Sabah-an mate b4 she returns on Tuesday.

Tried to get 6 hours of sleep before work today but din. Still, had more than 5. And there was no work today - tt's why i'm blogging now!!!!!!

This coming weekend wil prolly be worse since it's Easter weekend!!!!

I'm feeling so tired now - and i miss me lazy, laid-back, relaxing weekends... but i dun deny i'm having fun in the midst of all the activities! And i guess the activities helped me replax to a certain extent. :-)

*One of the most controversial and successful hits in the UK - it was banned by BBC when it hit no. 1 and the ban extended for the 5 weeks it was in the top spot. As such, they were not allowed to perform on BBC's Top of the Pops which just showed a still picture of the group and airing a performance by another group!!!!!