Saturday, 31 December 2016

Sing* - The Carpenters

Yesterday was a historic day. Took Shona out for a move - just the two of us.

I was planning to take her to watch Moana but the time of the movie was not too suitable. In the end, i gave her the choice - i showed her the trailer for both movies - Sing and Moana - and she chose Sing without hesitation.

It was a good choice. I have not watched Moana but i was surprised at how much i really enjoyed Sing!!!

Before going in, i was thinking that this was just a cartoon version of the reality singing shows we see on TV - American Idol etc., shows that no longer interest me.

But this was more than that! I love it as it has heart - for want of better way to describe it. I love it because it has great songs - check out the long play list!!! I love singing, i love songs. The performances were really good and enjoyable!

But most of all, i love it because it has so many wonderful characters! And they were all developed very well - for me! No wonder the movie was almost 2 hours!!! But it was worth it as i grew to know the characters and care for them.

I was also impressed with how well the actors sang! Really really good! I went online just now to check and i believe that they all sang themselves.

The movie was funny and the supporting cast were brilliant too.

Best of all, Shona enjoyed it! I was worried she wouldn't be able to sit through the movie - but i had free tickets to redeem anyways so i was prepared to walk out before it ended.

In the end, we stayed on even until the credits finished rolling! Shona loved it and was dancing along with the songs at most parts!

Dare i say it loud? I enjoyed this even more than Rogue One!!!!

p/s - pics obtained from various places online.

*One of their classics which i listened to when i was really young and still love.